usnavi: i love all my customers equally
usnavi, earlier that day: i don’t care for pete


OH the other day i was looking at some photos of bjork & my friend who was sitting beside me took a cursory glance at my phone and said “oh is that one of your kpop girls” HSJNSJSJ



sorry to discourse but I keep seeing people on twitter make the argument that ace/aro people are lgbt because they’re affected by heteronormativity and are socially pressured to get married and it’s like….. you realize straight women are also affected by the social expectation to be married to a man too right? does that make them lgbt? of course not


finally learning what Jordan Peterson looks like…he looks like every middle aged white man in an airport

serpari: lucio-vevo:hasbroceo:queernuck:19211313518:armedandgayngerous:arbetarmakt: queer








queer theory is the worst thing to ever exist

that is a hot fucking take

absolutely the fuck not

hey does anybody in this thread know that descriptive analysis of a concept, especially regarding the body and phenomenological analysis thereof, does not affirm by virtue of analysis the experience described, and that there is an importance to being able to create a cohesive and emphatic concept of a body implied by the presence of the Drone, the becoming-drone as a phenomenal undertaking that is not marked in the same ways as other acts already articulated by phallogocentric accounts of objectual relations and that the relative recency of drone warfare gives it a character worth remarking upon specifically because it forms a kind of assemblage with subjectivity given to bodies of first world, white subjects in naming them while projecting violence from the body of the drone, the body imagined by the drone-pilot and weapons operator, and that developing this allows for a theoretical account of exactly what kinds of desire, what desiring-machines, these imperialist ideologies flow through?

because like if not maybe read some theory lol

shut up queernuck

here take as many of these as you want: ……………………….. and use them next time you want to write some more dumb shit

queernuck qu**ring the social expectation that you should be smarter after consuming an entire philo undergrad yet still sound like an idiot

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beetle daily facts: the larva of stag beetles live for 3-5 years, whilst their adult counterparts live only between the months of may and august. This is because the cold harsh reality of the adult world is too much for them, and thus the newly grown stag beetle will curl up in bed, cry out for their mother, and then perish.


Jason, on January 6th: what a great day to be in Washington, d.c.! surely no one will harm me here-

Jason: *gets hit by a brick*



i’m fucking hungy.


luke: who are you




So Extreme!!  

blue haired guy: capricorn, virgo, taurus, scorpio

red haired guy: aries, leo, gemini, sagittarius

guy that falls in the puddle: aquarius, cancer, libra, pisces

lieutenant-sapphic:Star Trek: Beyond (2016), dir. Justin Linlieutenant-sapphic:Star Trek: Beyond (2016), dir. Justin Lin


Star Trek: Beyond (2016), dir. Justin Lin

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this was funnythis was funnythis was funny


shoplifting fandom grab everyone else’s stuff!


me trying to make conversation in the awkward elevator environment: ………… so… you guys watch hentai?