Some of you may know that I am in the middle of an intensive study week which will be ending this Friday. I talked about it here. Here’s what I’ve achieved so far.

I spent Saturday catching up on the documentaries I had to watch for my Latin class and taking notes on them. Good news? I’m mostly done with them, and that means the part of my upcoming exam (insert panic here) that is about Caesar’s life is mostly prepared. I have a fairly short reading left to do, though, so I’ll have to find time for that.

Sunday was going to be my reading day, and I didn’t do nearly as much as I’d hoped. I’m almost finished with the chapter from which I have to prepare a presentation, and the presentation is well on the way. I also managed to give my Seneca book a push, but that’s about it. I need to step up here. On the other hand, I did do a bit of Latin grammar.

Yesterday, I studied Ancient Greek (I have a grammar exam on Friday, so it was kinda necessary), and I’m starting to memorize the declinations, which is great. But I didn’t translate, so I’ll have to do that soon.

Today I have translated, but Latin, not Ancient Greek. I’m also working on memorizing some of the grammar here, but it is slightly less urgent, so I’m taking it a bit slower. I really do need to finish the translations soon, though, or I’m going to end up stressing to death.

Tomorrow I have no class, so it’ll be a good day to, hopefully, be productive. We’ll see how that goes.


Might screw around and start learning Latin idk

Lingua Latina excellens est! Disce eam!


reblog if you are a french, spanish, or latin langblr! or if you are a general language blog! i need more langblrs to follow who are studying the same languages i am!

Ecce elatio signalis!

my first semester is coming to a close and im not ready for finals.

have been writing a term paper all afternoon, haven’t even started practicing for my calculus class yet either.

hope everyone’s having a great day!




Y’all know I only post original content on here unless I feel like it’s important to share. Take it in ✨

Just saying “I’m/they’re lazy” ends the conversation and does not seek out a solution. Lean in to those negative emotions with gentle curiosity. Breathe. Address your emotions like you’re helping a sad friend. It’s going to be okay.

Hello there! Happy 2021, I hope your new year is starting off a bit better than our 2020! I come to share with you my 2021 journaling and planner system for the year. I had already made a whole video about what i was planning on using but there has been some minor changes and i wanted to write a post about it.


My main notebooks are both my Standard (in Olive) and Passport (in Camel) Traveler’s Notebook with planner inserts in them.


After about two years, I came with the conclusion that I prefer to journal in planner inserts than on blank or lined ones. In my Olive, I have a monthly insert where i like to write a small sentence or a word that describes what i did that day. It’s my form of memory keeping without having to write out a whole paragraph. I also just love to decorate it with stickers and pictures. In addition, I like to use the vertical weekly layout to write out what i do in my day as well, but this time, it is a whole paragraph. It’s come to be my favorite insert for memory keeping and for daily journaling in general. The space is very restricted but it’s still very fun for me to play in it. I love how i can still decorate as much or as little as i want and the end result is always so satisfying to see— if you like full written pages!


As for my Passport, in Camel, I also have a weekly and a monthly. They both serve the exact same purpose as my Standard but it’s a smaller size. The reason why they do the same thing is just for fun and it allows me to use up all of my stickers and stationery. Though, my monthly does mix with functional planning as well (I list important dates and bills) and i have been loving it so far. This is also my first time using the passport size weekly insert and i didn’t think i would love it as much as i do. It’s super convenient for me to just write a short sentence of whatever i think is important to remember and then call it a day. I love how easy my Passport Traveler’s Notebook is to carry around with me and it fits in my purse perfectly, that’s why i chose to journal in it as well.

Most of my journaling is personal and i only post close-ups of that in my ko-fi page, everyone is welcome to take a peek there.


For creative journaling, I picked my Brown Passport to hold my mixed paper journals. I am currently in an all black insert and i like to use a white pen to write in and also just collage paper pieces to my liking. I don’t plan on journaling like this full time, only when i feel creative or inspired. I find it very difficult to come up with a layout, so i think this will only be used from time to time.


That completes my analogue system for 2021. I may be switching out notebooks throughout the year but my system will remain the same. I hope you guys found some inspiration in my journal lineup and i wish you guys a super good year! Thank you for reading this far!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you’re having a good one and stay safe! I’ll be spending it with my little family, it’s a little sad we don’t get to be with our families but at least we’re safe and that’s all that matters!


Currently in term paper hell :‘)

Cried after my exam simulation today but I’m fine

FAIRY TALES IN KOREAN First PDF that I will share with you is: 이상한나라의 앨리스 (Alice in Wonderland)Korea


First PDF that I will share with you is:

  •  이상한나라의 앨리스 (Alice in Wonderland)

Korean Level: Upper Intermedium-Advanced 

Remember I’ll be sharing the link only by DM, everytime I post a new book cover please send me another DM.

I’ll try to share books for different learning levels.

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18.- TYPES OF KOREAN NOODLESI love them all, which one is your favourite?cr. on pic


I love them all, which one is your favourite?

cr. on pic

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Are you gifted with languages? Do you see yourself as a “language person”?

Personally, I don’t see myself as such.

In the post I argue that you really don’t need to be a linguist to reach your goals with Mandarin. It’s just a question of drawing on qualities you already have, then stepping forth with confidence.

I first started learning Mandarin after graduating university. At the time I was excited to jump into something new, but I was also intimidated.My relationship with foreign languages was not happy until that point; I didn’t do badly at high school French, but my confidence was lacking. Forming sentences in real-time conversation left me red-faced, my words stumbling over each other in a race to be finished.

I’m just not a language person, I told myself.

However, having spent a number of years learning Mandarin (and plenty of that time making mistakes), I know now that you really don’t need to have any special talent for languages to reach a decent level of Chinese. You just have to leave fear at the door and draw on the qualities you dohave available. 

The following are examples of qualities that can help enormously:

  • Curiosity
    Learning Mandarin is a lifelong pursuit, as is understanding Chinese culture as a foreigner. Much of the fun is found down the rabbit holes one follows when learning a new character. For example, you learn a new radical and, suddenly, the meanings of many other words open up! Those who are curious and have an intrinsic enjoyment for learning can thrive with Mandarin.

  • Goal-oriented 
    Some people prefer to be more focused with learning, which can also totally work in your favor with Mandarin. For example, if you choose to focus on the HSK Test vocabulary you have a very clear path to follow. You’ll also likely enjoy regular classes and methodical learning techniques like Spaced Repetition

  • Sociable
    Extroverts, rejoice! Learning Mandarin is going to be such good fun if you’re happy to practice speaking at every opportunity - not just in front of the mirror, but also with native speaking teachers and friends! For the more introverted out there, fret not: Mandarin is also a worthy solo pursuit (see Curiosity, above).

  • Knowing how to laugh at yourself
    It’s inevitable that you’ll make mistakes when learning Mandarin. All the tones and pronunciation and sentence structures… there’s plenty of opportunity to go wrong! It’s just part of the learning process. Being comfortable with laughing at yourself is therefore a truly a GREAT quality when learning Chinese (note: a teacher can help you refine this skill in private!)

So there we have it: you can be a ROCK-STAR Mandarin student by drawing on other skills and qualities you already have. Determination and perseverance will definitely come in handy, as long as you also have curiosity and enjoyment in place. No pre-existing magical language talents required. Promise.

Language learning is SO MUCH about having confidence anyway(explained in detail here). So, start out in the knowledge that you have many qualities you need to succeed with Mandarin. Feel confident about this and go for it! 

Post by Sarah Soulie
Twitter: suxiaoya

Speak Up Chinese teachers are here to support you in reaching your learning goals this year! Book a free trial online class here:

stormburn:Today I decided to start my 100 days of productivity. I’m going to study biology, chemisstormburn:Today I decided to start my 100 days of productivity. I’m going to study biology, chemisstormburn:Today I decided to start my 100 days of productivity. I’m going to study biology, chemisstormburn:Today I decided to start my 100 days of productivity. I’m going to study biology, chemis


Today I decided to start my 100 days of productivity. I’m going to study biology, chemistry and math :)


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