Dinner by LITTLEてあし
Raffaele ArmenisePastorella, 1920

Raffaele Armenise

Pastorella, 1920

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 Little Miss Muffet , ca. 1936 Rex John Whistler (British, 1905–1944)

Little Miss Muffet , ca. 1936
Rex John Whistler (British, 1905–1944)

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Marisol ou Pepa Flores

Marisol ou Pepa Flores

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Wishing you a merry soft Christmas   Wishing you a merry soft Christmas  

Wishing you a merry soft Christmas  

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Little Sweetheart(1986)Little Sweetheart(1986)

Little Sweetheart(1986)

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Mermaids, the mysterious fishy-females of the deep have an alluring and enduring appeal. What is it about these complicated beings that has captured our imaginations and perhaps led our fantasies for so long?

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In August 2005, a tiny mummified body was found in the ancient Persian village of Makhunik in what is now Iran. The discovery caused an international sensation when researchers reported that the remains belonged to an adolescent dwarf and that excavations of the ancient town revealed architecture that suggested it was a city of little people. Here we explore whether an ancient city of dwarfs really existed, or whether it is all just media sensation.

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Vex to Vax: It’s just timing, you know? It’s all timing.


Percival to Vex: I think that we’re the right people, in the right place, in the right time.

everythingdragonage: The Grey Wardens hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrificeverythingdragonage: The Grey Wardens hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrificeverythingdragonage: The Grey Wardens hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrificeverythingdragonage: The Grey Wardens hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrific


The Grey Wardens hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrifice to protect the world from an evil that can never truly be conquered. Few would volunteer for this: the suffering, isolation, and promise of a violent death. But the path of a Warden is also one of valor, and those who give themselves to the cause are rewarded with the knowledge that they have become something more than they were. Blackwall is one of the rare few Wardens who chose, of his own accord, to pick up the shield. He believes so wholeheartedly in the noble ideal of the Grey Wardens that he would rather have this life than any other.

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Babies first steps, not even 1 hour after birth

So last weekend daddy said he was going to take me to his game. He said that I could watch him and his team mates play and I was super excited because I’m really proud of my daddy and I love the game!

I hadn’t expected that they weren’t going to play any football though! But I suppose I like this game too.

Thank you daddy for making sure your little girl is learning how to be a good little slut. I’m very grateful for all the nice cocks you arranged to split open my tight cunt. It hurt a bit but I know you’re teaching me how to be a sweet girl. 

I just hope none of them shot a baby in me…

Last weekend Daddy took me to a nice hotel for a special breeding session. During the day we went to see animals in the zoo (I love the zoo and the one in Amsterdam is my favourite!) and I had a milkshake. In the evening I had a different kind of milkshake lol

Daddy barely let me sleep lol. And he emptied himself in me so often that it ran down my legs when I stood up haha.

I love it when Daddy pushes me on the bed and forces his big dick into my cunny lol. It hurts a bit sometimes but never long. I just want to be Daddy’s little cumbucket and make him happy

Daddy said I was a good little girl. I’m so lucky ^^

If I were a ‘True Dom,’ I’d be more Respectful of Your Soul, Responsible iwth Your Body and Realistic in My Great Expectations, both of Your Self and your self, of My Self and my self.

Had I been an ‘Authentic Alpha,’ I’d likely not have taken up with You. We are role playing and planning our next steps, be they evolution into more secure standing in D/s roles or moving on to new beginnings with respective partners equal to our current states and unfinished business.

I’m accepting that We may not last, our work with each other only for a Season whose Reason was to grow to this point before We Go on our separate ways.

Yet, I sure would like to continue. It doesn’t yet feel - this You, Me, We, as though a Natural Conclusion. More spankings, experiments and teachings with each other as student and master seem necessary if inevitable.

If not, I cherish You and the Time We’ve shared, embraced with each other as witness to and collaborator with the Other.



Oh my gosh this one is pink!

I found it on amazon!

And there are different sizes too! It is also super cheap, you get all three sizes!



~soft foods for age regressors~




⭐︎mashed potatoes


⭐︎pasta (cut up in small pieces)

⭐︎ice cream

⭐︎small marshmallows

⭐︎mac and cheese

⭐︎gummy snacks

littleonabudget: As requested by @ravenbuss, here’s some stuff to make cute lunches! Everything is u


As requested by @ravenbuss, here’s some stuff to make cute lunches! Everything is under $10.

Note: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. If you buy something, Amazon gives me a small percent of the sale.

Sandwich Cutters

 Star, Puzzle, Dinosaur, Elephant, Dolphin, and Butterfly Sandiwch Cutters $8.99

 Dinosaur, Dolphin, Elephant, Dog, Butterfly & Train Sandwich Cutters $8.99

Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter $2.59

Butterfly Sandwich Cutter$2.99

Puzzle Sandwich Cutter$2.99

Star Sandwich Cutter$2.99

Heart Sandwich Cutter$2.99

Seal, Whale, Squirrel, & Bear Mini Sandwich Cutters$7.97

Bear Shape Sandwich Cutter$2.59

Hello Kitty Sandwich Cutter$5.68

Fruit & Veggie Cutters

Star, Heart, 4 Flower, Bunny, & Mouse Vegetable Cutters$9.95

Cat, Dog, Pig, Elephant, Dolphin and Penguin Vegetable Cutters$7.99

Kawaii Japanese Bento Vegetable Cutters$8.59

Star, Cloud, Music Notes, Apple, Boat, Heart, Crab, Tulip, Dolphin Vegetable Cutters $5.50

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters can be used for sandwiches, cheese, fruits, and other stuff, too! Don’t feel limited. Your imagination is the limit! :D

6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters$7.98

8 Princess-Themed Cookie Cutters$8.99

Clownfish, Octopus, Lobster, Crab and Jellyfish$9.99

3 Batman Cookie Cutters$6.39

24 Spring Cookie Cutters$8.50

18 Christmas Cookie Cutters$8.89

2 Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters$3.49

Baby Bottle, Onesie, Carriage, Bib, & Rattle Cookie Cutters$8.99

ABC’s & 123′s Cookie Cutters$8.12

Horse, Dog, Cat, Giraffe, Dolphin, Squirrel, Duck and Goldfish Cookie Cutters$7.95

7 Butterfly Cookie Cutters$9.57

Butterfly, Dragonfly, Ladybug, Caterpillar, & Bee Cookie Cutters $5.96

Hello Kitty Cookie Cutters$4.25

Teacup, Teapot, and Cupcake Cookie Cutters$2.92

Rice & Boiled Egg Molds

Fish, Car, Bear, Rabbit, Star, & Heart Egg Molds$8.99

Rabbit, Bear, Star, Car, Fish, & Heart Egg Molds$5.90

Star, Heart, Fish, Car, Bear & Rabbit Egg Molds$4.35

Pancake & Fried Egg Molds/Pans

Round, Heart, Star, Flower, & Bear Pancake or Fried Egg Mold$7.99

Piglet Face Pancake Pan$8.62

Bear Face Pancake Pan$9.71

Food Picks

Food picks are decorative toothpicks you stick in your food to make them look cuter! 

Panda, Elephant, Lion, Rabbit, Frog Food Picks$1.95 + 0.50 Shipping

Otter, Whale, 2 Dolphins, & Seel Food Picks$5.80

Brown Bear, Pink Bear, Kitty, Elephant, & Frog Food Picks$5.00

 12 Zodiac Animals Food Picks$7.62

Two Each Dog, Cat, Monkey, Bear, & Giraffe Food Picks$2.99

For inspiration on how to make cute foods, here’s some pictures. You can cut sandwiches, fruits, veggies, cheese, meat, cookies, or whatever you want!


All prices above are valid as of 09/19/2017 21:40. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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Yummy Simple Pancake Recipe!


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons oil/1 tablespoon olive oil

You can even mix in chocolate chips or fruit! Top it with whatever you want! Chocolate syrup, maple syrup, butter, whipped cream, you name it!

You can also find some good vegan substitutes for these ingredients too!

I really like these pancakes when I need to make something yummy and quick!!

If you’re smol, make sure you’re careful or get help from your caregiver!!!