“As workers, most men in our culture (like working women) are controlled, dominated. Unlike working women, working men are fed daily a fantasy diet of male supremacy and power. In actuality, they have very little power, and they know it. Yet they do not rebel against the economic order or make revolution. They are socialized by ruling powers to accept their dehumanization and exploitation in the public world of work, and they are taught to expect that the private world, the world of home and intimate relationships, will restore to them their sense of power, which they equate with masculinity. They are taught that they will be able to rule in the home, to control and dominate, that this is the big payoff for their acceptance of an exploitative economic social order. By condoning and perpetuating male domination of women to prevent rebellion on the job, ruling male capitalists ensure that male violence will be expressed in the home and not in the work force.”

— bell hooks, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center(viaheavyweightheart)



[Person 1: WALL-E and EVE are both nonbinary.

Person 2: What are you talking about? Keep your… Liberal politics out of my kid’s movie. WALL-E’s a boy and EVE is a girl.

Person 1: But they’re… they’re robots. They don’t have genitals.

Person 2: Yeah but like WALL-E is square and does construction and EVE is like feminine and sexy looking.

Person 1: So, gender is a matter of presentation and expression, not a matter of biology.

Person 2: No! Gender’s just about your genitals.

Person 1: Then, WALL-E’s nonbinary. He doesn’t have genitals.

Person 2: No, WALL-E’s a boy.

Person 1: Then gender is a matter of expression an-

Person 2: No! Gender is just biological!

Person 1: Then WALL-E doesn’t have a gender

Person 2: No! He’s a boy robot!

Person 1: Look I don’t have anything going on. I can do this all day.]




Reductress really taking no prisoners today

The best part:

“It’s a common misconception that members of gay relationships have to map onto the roles of a straight couple: woman and asshole,” said Acharya. “But neither of us is the asshole; that’s the entire point.”

Ryser had a number of follow-up questions to this explanation.

“So, if neither of you is the asshole,” said Ryser, “then who plays devil’s advocate when you’re having sensitive political conversations? Who takes the other person’s side when you describe a microaggression? And who gets furious when you’re driving and one of you has to pee?”

Demonstrating immense patience, Acharya tried once more to help Ryser understand.

“None of those things are necessary for a relationship,” said Acharya. “In fact, they’re all bad. People in straight relationships should not do those things either.”

Reductress is a feminist satire site but it doesn’t make what they said here not true in actual society lol



i am genuinely seriously considering writing my final essay for this Women and Violence in Cinema class on Gayle

it is Amazing because it is comedy very much based on performing suburban-mom femininity but none of the comedy is inherently “ha ha this is obviously a dude playing a woman” like it is in Hairspray or whatever, it comes from performing femininity AS VIOLENTLY AS POSSIBLE. I think the funniest joke in the whole series is one of the very first ones where she just snorts a line of granola from a cutting board. And it’s different from other comedic cases of Women being Violent in Suburbia because in those cases the comedy comes from the violence being incongruous for the setting (and typically for the character as well) but that’s not so in Gayle. Nobody reacts with surprise - her daughter’s downright bored,her husband is afraid, and Bonnie is sabotaging her? And the topics and the commitment are too familiar. We CAN’T let people know we sit!

I’m reading interviews and Chris Fleming says he relates to her because they both experience “the terror of how others perceive you”, which is really interesting, and he obviously has a really nuanced (and hilarious) understanding of gender as well (like in the Am I A Man? video). It’s like gender performance theory to the extreme, i.e., can you really call yourself a man before you can have a freakout in a restaurant, or some other equally arbitrary standard of behaviour. So if he understands all these suburban moms as just. Exceptionally terrified women, constantly aggressively performing these completely ridiculous rituals of femininity that don’t really have anything to do with anything, while being casually homophobic and classist and conservative because if you wear fun socks you’ll be fed to the Dropkick Murphys - that is really really interesting and it’s no wonder I’m kinda grabbed by it


the only billionaire hot take i care about (x)

wolf953: gingerly-writing:albatris: today’s gender of the day is unfortunate time loop accidents I




today’s gender of the day is unfortunate time loop accidents

IM CRYING this is the best gender ever

[ID: An excerpt of dialogue from a novel. It reads:

“Kai, this form wants to know if you’re male or female.”

“Not as far as I’m aware.”

“Um. Maybe, like, what are you legally, then?”

Kai’s fingers paused on the keyboard, and they thought about this for a long moment. “You know,” they said, as if the realisation was dawning on them for the first time, “I’m pretty certain I’m legally dead.”

/end ID]

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bullet-farmer:kuanios:Irish women living outside of Ireland returning to vote for determining ri



Irish women living outside of Ireland returning to vote for determining right to abortion/reproductive health/pro-choice.

Photo credit : Alastair Moore (via viperslang)

I think this is going to go down in history as an iconic photo from the 2010s. 

The determination on their faces. Especially the woman in the blue skirt and brown shirt.

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Men think it’s ruder for a woman to say “don’t interrupt me” than it is for them to interrupt her in the first place


Lord knows

it’s easier to love a smiling man
than the woman between his teeth.

Clementine von Radics, from “His new girlfriend thinks I’m crazy.” In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive



A woman traveling into the dark woods to an evil witch’s house to trade her firstborn child for selfish desires sounds a lot like a demonized version of a woman traveling to see a cunning woman to aid her with an unwanted pregnancy js

Holy shit….. this post is life changing

hobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History ofhobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History ofhobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History ofhobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History ofhobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History ofhobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History ofhobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History ofhobbitballerina:thenewwomensmovement:readabookson:The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History of




The Trouble Between Us: An Uneasy History of White and Black Women in the Feminist Movement

Segregated Sisterhood: Racism Politics American Feminism

Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism

Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment

Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism

Feminism Is For Everybody: Passionate Politics

The Womanist Reader: The First Quarter Century of Womanist Thought

Black Feminist Voices in Politics

Living for the Revolution: Black Feminist Organizations, 1968–1980

Wow, incredible list. We’re reading several of these in my graduate Black Feminist Thought class!

White feminists always want to know how to not be racist.  They want to be educated.  Here is the beginning of that education.  Use it.

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I Will Not Be Eaten

Girl. Yes.

The voices of little girls are so powerful and profound because they haven’t yet been completely eaten away at by social conditioning. 

“I am a rich pie filled with knowledge. I will not be eaten.” Holy fuck my new motto.

Transcription (with original line breaks):

The true feminine

I am not sugar and
spice and everything nice.
I am music, I am art.
I am a story. I am a
church bell, gonging out wrongs
and rights and normal nights.
I was baby. I am child. I will
be mother. I don’t mind being
considered beautiful, I do not
allow that to be my
definition. I am a rich
pie strong with knowledge. I
will not be eaten.

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i just went on r/incels to see if it was really that bad and it was actually pretty informative. i found out that women are all powerful beings and we control society by exploiting men for their money and their jobs, are NOT required to pay bills, and that we all make 50k a month on patreon. like shit why did no one tell me. i didnt even know i had a patreon



Because I bought
the nail polish but then
I realized I already had
that nail polish
so I figured I should use some
or because maybe I had
two bottles of the same
nail polish but I still
couldn’t find time to keep
my fingers still long enough
to put it on, or because
the green eyeliner was just
sitting there or because
it always slides off and I don’t
want to fuck with sealer or maybe
because I’m breaking out
and it’ll make it worse or maybe
because I’m breaking out and I know
it’ll make it worse but I don’t want
everyone fucking knowing about
the breakout
or because I can’t deal with stubble
or I guess I can deal with it
for one more day
or because I just didn’t want to get up
or I did get up but then I did
something else or maybe
hey maybe I felt like attracting a man
or hey maybe I felt like today I wanted
to look like the man
you want to attract or maybe
it helps today or maybe
nothing helps today or maybe
I just don’t want to
or maybe I do want to
or maybe I want to but I also want
something else a little more
or maybe I want
or maybe I want
I want
I want
to just for one goddamn minute pretend
it is up to me and me alone
and I don’t have to justify shit


my advice to women: scream more, wreak havoc, be ugly and gross, use the sword emojis

my advice to men: develop a sense of shame


ladies, its time to stop “weaponizing” our looks and start wearing actual weapons. forget winging your eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man and invest in some steel toe boots.