Yeah it was a horrible experience. My partner is going to live with ptsd now. And it’ll be something that haunts them for the rest of their life. It’s something they’ll think about at the very least once a day. Ptsd will ruin your life. Rape will ruin your life.

You think you have a right to speak about this if you don’t understand, don’t even try to understand?

Rapists don’t deserve to live. Neither do pedophiles. Or nazis. I would hope most people would agree with that. She doesn’t deserve to have anything good happen to her - shes ruined lives ONCE at the very least, do you have any idea how many previous victims she might have had?

It’s because we took her in as a roommate BC she was a trans girl scraping to survive that my partner was raped. She was trusted and that trust was betrayed. She continued to lie and pretend it had never happened for six whole months while living with the very person she had raped.

Im pretty sure that this post serves as a warning for that to not happen again. For people not to actively support a rapist - people deserve to know they’re supporting a rapist. It’s for a sense of morality as well as a warning.

Can trans women not rape other trans women? Or can we not recognize that there can be predators in any space? Being lgbt doesn’t exempt you from being a rapist. Being lgbt does not mean unconditional support from the community if youre a literal rapist.

Women can perpetuate violence. This is something that can’t be denied. If you see trans women as women you will see that they are capable of the full gamut of good and evil, like any other human.

There aren’t many statistics on violence perpetrated by women, but rapists function serially.

“Antonia Abbey, a social psychologist at Wayne State University, has found… those who blamed their victim were more likely to do it again”

You can’t deny the numbers. Rapists will do what they have done once, again. And if you read the screenshots you’ll see that not only is there no remorse, but rather a sense of sick pleasure. This woman not only openly blamed her victim, but got kicks off of retelling the event.

I don’t understand where you’re coming from. And I don’t want to. No intention at all. Because I have a sense of morality. Mercy for the already-vulnerable? Don’t mess with me. My partner and I aren’t trans enough? Aren’t disabled enough? We ARE the already-vulnerable that you’re talking about. And if you can’t see that then YOU are the transphobic one.

You’re a victim blamer at best, a rape apologist at worst. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

@self-check-set if you’re going to actively support a rapist at least be open and proud about it :)