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smoking after sex

My name is Cleo, but you can call me princess. I'm 19 and from England, I'm pansexual and I'm always up for any role playing or messaging with any kink involved, especially breeding xx

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someone please dirty talk me and show me what a worthless slut I am!

fuckkkk I’m so wet - someone cum and talk dirty to me - men + women allowed!!

I’ve had a new boyfriend for a month who loves dominating me, and he makes me lick and suck and finger his asshole which I’ve never done before. But now I’m fucking addicted to it and I’m just a rimjob whore now

im so fucking horny - someone creampie me please

i really want a dominant man with a lovely cock to message me for some roleplaying - I’m so fucking horny

was fucking my divorced 45 year old man, who has kids my age, bareback when his ex-wife caught us. She called be a whore and a slut. So I just jumped back on him and started riding him while she was still there, telling at him to cum inside my young wet pussy. She left in a huff. I’m so proud of myself.

I’ve noticed that lately I’m becoming a real anal whore. I can’t cum without having a finger or two inside my asshole. The other day I begged on my hands and knees to be fucked deep in my ass. What am I like?

big boob problems ☺️☺️

big boob problems ☺️☺️

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so I had my first squirting orgasm from a guy today! My 45 year old fuckbuddy was fucking my ass when with a toy in my pussy I just screamed with orgasm out of nowhere and wow. I fucking flooded that room.

Guess who was a very naughty girl last night? Guess who came all over their best friend’s sisters face? Guess who tribbed with her and made her scream so loudly the neighbours complained?


You know what I like in a girl?
My fingers

I took a load in my unprotected pussy today, but it’s not my fertile time :/ He’s a 45 year old stud who has telling me about how much he loves my pussy and how much hotter I am than his ex-wife. I really hope the next time he cums in me it sticks ☺️

Last night I went to a pub by myself, and a charming 45 year old man bought me a drink. We flirted for a while before I got tired of it and just took him to the toilets, got on my knees and sucked him off. I just really needed cock that day. Half way through he tells me to start playing with my clit, and I do and realise I’m soaking wet, the wettest I’ve been in ages. When he came, had down my throat I almost lost it completely and came myself but instead he pinned me against the wall and fingered me there. He pocketed my underwear while he kissed me and made me cum. Afterwards he gave me his number and said to call him the next time I felt horny. You can be sure that I’m calling him soon, and that this time I’m going to make sure he cums inside my wet pussy.

guess who’s rubbing her clit right now
this little princess!
and she could really use some help!


if you hump pillows reblog so we can become friends.

either my inbox isn’t working or everybody is ignoring this horny little slut :’(

so he stopped by again today, he said he left something at his grandparents and had to pick it up, and he wanted to visit me while he was still here.
There’s something about being fingered against a wall by a man you barely know that makes me so wet. And sucking his cock in the hall way. He fucked me doggy on my stairs, and I asked if he would cum inside me, he said only if I begged him. Safe to say I have a pussy full of two loads of cum.

so my neighbours introduced me to their grandson today, he was very handsome and he’s a little older than me but I didn’t mind. We hit it off right away and soon I was inviting him over to mine for a ‘slice of cake’. He was fucking me on my living room floor before he realised he hadn’t put a condom on, and I said I didn’t have any in the house (a lie) but we carried on anyway. We were both close to orgasm and I begged him to cum inside me, but he chickened out and came on my stomach; he promised next time he visited he would fill me up like I asked. But he didn’t see me cover my fingers in the cum he left on my stomach, nor did he see me start fingering the cum into my wet hole. We’ll see how different things are the next time he’s in town.

I really want my pussy to be filled with load after load of hot cum today, until I can’t walk. And today is my most fertile today…..

does anybody wanna breed this naughty little girl? Because she’s wet and can’t stop thinking about someone cumming inside of her