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Happy Shared Girlfriend

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Experienced: Just accept it babe

Experienced: I took them like a champ. You swallowed your pride like a champ ⭐️

Experienced: They fuck. You watch.

Experienced: You accepted

Experienced: I love you for that ❤️

Experienced: You found me dripping in his cum

Experienced: Thx for the orgasms!

Experienced: Happy you said yes

Experienced: When you get home to a surprise

Experienced: Things got a little out of hand

Experienced: It always turns them on that I have a boyfriend

Experienced: I love bringing you good news

Experienced: Did you peak at us fucking?

Experienced: Welcome home from work. Your slut is waiting for you

Experienced: You get wild when you cannot have me

Experienced: You are the best, babe!

Experienced: The awkward morning after

Experienced: Feeling his dick deep inside of me and your tongue playing with my nipples.

Experienced: I cannot believe that you allowed it

Experienced: Weird but the truth

Experienced: I might have puked a bit too

Experienced: Orgasming on his dick while getting drenched in your cum

Experienced: I guess that was the point?

Experienced: When we drink together

Experienced: Sometimes I get doubts after

Experienced: You were not angry

Experienced: Laying with my legs spread, getting fucked while you wondered where I was

Experienced: It was sooooo much

Experienced: He did it with speaker on. I will never forget your reaction.