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THIS IS A DAEMON FRIENDLY BLOG. As in, people often ask me to analyze the animal they think is their daemon, or ask me what daemon I think a TV/movie/book character would have. I have since created a blog dedicated entirely to that. So if you have any daemon questions, please feel free to mosey on over there and ask away!


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Concept: stereotypical fantasy metropolis, except instead of being segregated by species the neighbourhoods are segregated by Dungeons & Dragons character class.

Serious version: Not every single person who lives in each neigbourhood is necessarily a member of that class – in fact, most aren’t. It’s more a combination of each neighbourhood having a concentration of businesses and service providers that cater to the interests of a particular character class, and the way that some real-world neighbourhoods develop a Theme and decide to run with it.

The version you’ll probably actually play: Yes, everyone who lives in each neighbourhood is in fact a member of that neighbourhood’s class, including the rats.


I don’t know if this is strictly good city planning, but it’s fun city planning, so I approve wholeheartedly

Tabletop RPG cities are obliged to have good urban planning to precisely the same extent that tabletop RPG dungeons are obliged to have plausible ecologies.


Funny enough they do break






Has this one made it to tumblr yet

person #2 is labeled: filler baritone which nobody will here but adds gentle thiccness

it just keeps getting better


Of course he doesn’t sound out of place

He knows what he is doing

How dare u doubt him



it’s the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.

you can only reblog this today.

Happy 21³



I think my favorite thing about 3zun is that all three of them are actively trying to make 3zun work, but because they all have completely different worldviews and circumstances, the harder they try the more they push each other away. It’s a microcosm of some of the themes of the novel and I love it

To elaborate…

  • NMJ thinks the way to make things work is to essentially guide JGY to a heroic path at all costs. JGY thinks he’s being threatened. (He’s not wrong.)
  • JGY thinks the way to make things work is to keep NMJ happy at all costs. NMJ thinks he’s being manipulated. (He’s not wrong.)
  • LXC thinks the way to make things work is to mediate between NMJ and JGY and not to take sides. NMJ and JGY think they’re not receiving the support they deserve. (They’re not wrong.)

And of course, this all ties in with the framework they have towards life. NMJ thinks life is short so honor is all that matters in the end. JGY thinks life is dangerous so you have to do what it takes to survive. LXC thinks life is complicated so you have to navigate it as carefully as you can. So if any of them tries to confront the others, they have a kneejerk reaction of “No, that’s how you end up doing something dishonorable/dying/ruining everybody’s lives.” Which terrifies them. So conversations quickly become unsustainable, but not talking isn’t sustainable either, it just makes things crumble less obviously. There’s no easy solution here, because NMJ was raised to die young, JGY was raised to survive at all costs, and LXC was raised to be responsible for every life around him. How do you go about finding common ground for all three of them?


“i only and exclusively for the rest of my life want to tell stories about hope, and the ability for good people to win. however, if you tell those without honoring how scary things can get, you’re just regurgitating those childhood fairy tales that leave people ill-prepared for the world. i wish there were more of those stories that depict hope as so extremely fragile and hard to earn.” oh……brennan really gets it, huh

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The funniest sword fight scene in the history of cinema. 


Let’s be honest, this is how I would sword fight.

@warmageragnar Lewis Vs Otranto, a realistic version.

#what on earth is this?

The Court Jester starring Danny Kaye, Basil Rathbone, and the amazing Glynis Johns, and Angela Lansbury and it is all around a fun time.

All kidding aside, watch Basil Rathbone’s foot work. He knows fencing, and sets up the form even though he’s still playing up the stage blows for Danny Kaye to flail at for comedic effect.

Okay, but I need to talk about this because it’s even funnier if you know the context... Basil Rathbone was one of the greatest swordsmen in Hollywood history.  Which is why he almost never won any of his onscreen fights–he was good enough that he knew how to effectively make the other guy look even better.  That’s why the swordfight in The Adventures of Robin Hood looks so awesome even though Errol Flynn is nowhere near Rathbone’s level.

But this fight, right here?  Was one of the only fights where he needed a stunt double.  Because while he was able to keep Danny Kaye from being seriously injured, Rathbone himself nearly got skewered a few times by Kaye’s flailing around.  So in a bizarre way, this is probably the closest to an even match Rathbone had in his career… just not for the reasons you’d expect.

“Don’t you know, there are some things that can beat smartness and foresight? Awkwardness and stupidity can. The best swordsman in the world doesn’t need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn’t do the thing he ought to.”

-Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1889)

The origin of a saying I’ve seen quoted in various works of fiction - “The best swordsman does not fear the second best, he fears the worst since there’s no telling what that idiot is going to do.”





I was so proud when he didn’t spill the milk

when he didn’t spill the milk, I said out loud, “Oh hey, great job!!! You did a great job!”




have you ever noticed how in ‘twelve days of christmas’ so many of the gifts are various birds? who has access to these many birds? why is this person receiving so many birds? can ireceive this many birds? i want answers

This is because the song was written in the 1780s under the reign of George III, when birds were extremely scarce in England due to over-hunting. The specific birds listed were the most hunted, thus the song is about the singer’s true love finding the rarest things in country to give for Christmas. All 12 gifts were birds in the original published song.

The birds included were:

A Partridge in a Pear Tree- Both things uncommon in the country, partridges having gone extinct in the region due to hunting in 1763, when the last of its kind was shot down by The Duke Of Ellingsby and left for his dogs. Pear trees cannot grow in the region at all.

Two Turtle Doves- The rarest known dove, now completely extinct as it was hunted for its precious shell. As the only shelled bird, the Turtle Dove died out around 1850. Its shell was often used to make frames for glasses.

Three French Hens- The French Hen was not technically a hen, but a species of vulture which resembled a chicken. This species was farmed, not hunted, but was exceedingly scarce as the breed was closely controlled by its farmers, the French family who would go on to introduce “Bird Mustard,” a type of mustard meant specifically for the breed. French’s Mustard is still made today.

Four Calling Birds- A “Calling Bird” refers to a Aves Cornelius, Or the Calling Cornish Grouse as it’s known today. It exists now only in zoos. The bird is notable for its male having a corkscrew shaped 14 inch penis, which was dried and and turned to powder for use as an aphrodisiac at the time.

Five Golden Rings- Referring to the Gold Ringed Pheasant, a delicacy which was overhunted to extinction, the last known specimen being eaten by Gerald Geraldson Esq. who consumed the bird with a dollop of French’s Bird Mustard.

Six Geese-a-Laying- This does not refer to Geese laying eggs but to Alayin Geese, golden geese which were likely the inspiration for a goose that could lay a golden egg. They were already extinct by the time the song was written, but this fact was not known until around 1830.

Seven Swans a-Swimming- Swans are common today but only because of an intensive breeding program. They were as rare in the 1780s in England as Astatine is today. This is why the duck in “The Ugly Duckling” is so remarkable, not for its beauty but for its rarity.

Eight Maids-a-Milking- The Maidenbird was the only known bird to have live birth and nurse its young with milk. “Maiden’s Milk” was used to make the original egg-nog, which was a royal delicacy reserved only for the children of the king and queen and even to them it was only served on Christmas. The bird is now extinct.

Nine Ladies Dancing- Seems an odd gift to give a lover doesn’t it? Unless you know that the Dancing Lady Eagle was the only eagle to live in England at the time. It was named for its habit of shaking violently to rid itself of Eagle Ticks, which resembled a frenzied dance. It was trophy hunted to near extinction, and lives only in captivity now. As the tick has gone extinct, it no longer dances.

Ten Lordes-a-Leaping (To use the spelling of the time)- The Lorde Heron still exists today, though it is no longer called the “Leaping Lorde” as it was in the time of the song. Identical visually to the Royal Heron, the only way to tell if a Lorde is a Royal is whether the genome runs in its blood. The Royal gene being extremely rare, that kind of luxury was not for most people, who could only afford a different buzzard.

Eleven Pipers Piping- The Piper Finch is still rare though it’s sold today at some pet shops and bird markets. Its voice was said once to be the most beautiful sound in the world, but is now considered a nuisance by most. The Piper Finch is most famous as the type of bird seen adorning the tip of the Washington Monument, as George Washington raised the animals. The British Piper Tax was one of the reasons the colonies split off to form the modern country of New England.

Twelve Drummers Drumming- The Drumming Magpie. Immortalized by Gioachino Rossini in his opera “La Gazza Tamburo.” The rarest bird in England by far, only three were known to exist at the time of the song’s writing. This would make twelve of them an exceptional rarity and near impossibility to crown the parade of gift birds. The drumming Magpie is named for its habit of tapping on trees to drive out maggots and grubs for it to eat.

So there you have it, the song is a love song about finding the rarest birds in England for the one you love. This stands in stark contrast to “The Eight Days of Hanukkah” in which the gifts include horseradish, cement, hair dye, a basketball, and lint.

Bonus trivia- Christmas was never celebrated as a 12 day holiday until after the song was written. The song likely inspired the tradition.

It’s a festivus miracle, and always check the blog title, literally always.

granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]granteddrop:based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]



based on @vampirefunkmetal​ ‘s very good post [here]

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can we talk about how literally 64% of people wear glasses, and yet we NEVER see them in movies/tv unless it’s on some nerdy or uncool character? why do we adhere to such a weird beauty standard that subconsciously makes us feel bad for,, not being able to see???

I used to work for LensCrafters and I can tell you for a fact that they make a big deal out of wanting as many customers as possible to want to get contacts. Every meeting there was a reminder that we were to push contacts. Hell, the other employees /managers repeatedly tried to push contacts on me even after I informed them that there was no way that I would ever shove a piece of plastic into my eye.

To them, the difference between selling glasses and getting a customer to sign up for contacts is like the difference between selling a video game and getting a player to get a monthly subscription.  And failing that their next big sell is for frames that cost twice to three times as much, but have little to no frame (and thus almost look like you aren’t wearing glasses at all) and are fragile as all hell (and thus are likely to break and have to be replaced).

They can’t rely solely on our prescription getting heavier or otherwise changing to the point that we have to buy a new pair every year. They want to push you to buy their product every time that you visit the optometrist and then some more in between.

As counter-intuitive as it might seem, it is in Big Optic’s best interest to convince us that we look terrible if we wear glasses.

At this point I’m convinced most standards are just capitalistic bullshit and figuring out how to get people, especially women, to buy as much shit as possible.

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Undo the Damage of Sitting

(Technically, this isn’t about saving your hands… but if you draw, you’re probably doing a lot of sitting, so…)




This has such extreme shitpost energies but it’s 100% serious

Looks pretty useful for everyone endlessly working at home at their dining room table.

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