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On to the final book, Volume 10, of Kiseijuu, or Parasyte. Given the way Volume 9 ended, this serene scene of Shinichi is interesting, particularly the “hidden” right arm…


And so Volume 9 ends, and what a cliffhanger, Shinichi seemingly without Migi. The art on the back cover depicts the Migi-less and bloodied Shinichi…


Uhoh, the last chapter of Volume 9 is called ミギー (Migii). That can’t bode well…


He said the thing!

As the police and army forces close in, Mayor Hirokawa makes a speech.

It’s worth noting here that the regular word for “parasite” in Japanese is 寄生虫 (kiseichuu), where that last part is “chuu” meaning “insect.” But the title of this manga series is 寄生獣 (kiseijuu), where that last part is “juu” meaning “beast” (it’s the same “juu” as in kaijuu). Hence, one reason the English uses the spelling “Parasyte” for the title.

Throughout the story, the “parasytes” refer to themselves as 寄生生物 (kisei seibutsu), parasites, or “parasitic living beings.” 

It’s in his final speech where the Mayor highlights the issue. He says that humans are parasites (寄生虫) devouring the world. Then he corrects himself: いや。。。寄生獣か (iya, kiseijuu ka), “no, parasitic beasts (or “parasytes”).” And here, in case you hadn’t already caught on, we get the revelation that it’s the humans that are the “parasytes,” the parasitic beasts.


The police (and army) are having a showdown with the parasytes that have clustered at the town hall, They explain that they’ve chosen shotguns, for their ability to cause lots of damage, but that they’re switching the smaller BB-sized pellets for larger ones.

Here, the person describes the smaller ones as ジンタンつぶ (jintan tsubu, Jintan grains/seeds/pills). Jintan are tiny spherical mints. But a BB is probably the best reference for the US.

The person describes the larger ones as パチンコ玉よりやや小さい (pachinko dama yori yaya chiisai), or slightly smaller than a pachinko ball. They’re about 8 mm, and 16 of them fit in the shell. One English translate mistranslates this as 16.8 mm pellets, which would be twice as large as described, and more the size of grapes. Oops.


The inter-chapter art in this book features some really great pictures of parasytes.


On to Volume 9 of Kiseijuu. The cover appears to show an action shot of a blood-splattered Goto. Looks like he’s going to be getting a chance to shine!

Goto’s name  (後藤) is interesting, in that it invokes the 5 parasites (五, go) in his body, but uses 後 for the sound “go.”

And… She’s gone. Ah well. But she left an important gift, and I’m not talking about the baby. It felt a little abrupt, though, but so be it. The end of Volume 8. The back cover yet again featured Shinichi looking off into the distance.


On to volume 8 of Parasyte (寄生獣, Kiseijuu), featuring Tamura Reiko on the front.

Well, I had a feeling she was going to die, but this image of her in a white dress would seem to foreshadow it… I kinda hoped she would make closer to the end, though (there’s still 2 volumes after this one).

The end of Volume 7 of Parasyte (寄生獣, Kiseijuu). Murano looks furtively behind her, perhaps looking to see if Shinichi is there…

Oh. Absolutely my favorite chapter so far of this series.

Yep, toooootally normal laughter.

I’m going to love this chapter.

Zkanji upgrade?

I really like Zkanji for reading and studying Japanese. But it hasn’t been updated in over 7 years. Anybody have any newer recommended software?

On to volume 7 of 寄生獣, Kiseijuu, or, Parasyte. A foreshadowing perhaps, Shinichi looks bloody and a bit furtive… And in the woods?

The end of Volume 6. Shinichi glances off in the distance at night.

Also totally normally laughter.

Actually, no, wait.

食われた (kuwareta, was eaten). As in, your mother was eaten by parasites.

So not totoally normal. Good practice on use of passive voice, though!

Totally normal laughter.


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