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Chapter 2 of OSS is complete


With remade version you mean Mothy’s or just a fan made tuning? I like the remastered from Mothy’s more too. 

The mothy one. If I meant a fan-made cover I would have been more specific as to who made it and with what.


What are your thoughts on judgment of corruption and seven crimes and punishments ts (i mean the songs)

They’re okay?

SCaP is a nice sounding song but it’s basically just an event summary so I’m not that drawn to it. I like Judgment of Corruption better. And while I suspect this is not a popular opinion, I like the remade version because KAITO’s voice sounds a bit like an old radio in terms of its quality.

Listened to Karma of Evil again (backwards and forewards). I do think it’s probably my favorite song mothy has made.

I also think now that OSS: Crime is meant to be the Court ending. I was a little ambivalent on the idea at first, and it could still wind up being wrong, but I do genuinely think the visions Eve has make it unambiguous. It would also fit in line with mothy making novels that take place in the various “ends” (Story of Evil series and E.A.T., primarily).

Pathetic Cry of the Betrayer

銃爪引くたびに 心を舍てて來た

Each time I pull the trigger I abandon my heart


Before you now, I am

裏切り者なのさ 暗暗のしもべさ

A betrayer, and a servant of darkness

そんなオレなんて 嫌になる

I’ve come to hate myself like this


ふたりで逃げよう ねえ

Let’s run away together, hey

汚れた自分を 消したい

I want to erase my sullied self

暗き暗路の 夜空で

In the night sky of this dark, dark road

満月よ美しき銃口となれ 狙いさだめて…

Is a full moon; it becomes a lovely muzzle of a gun, and aims at me…


そしてすぐに オレを撃ちぬいて

And now quickly shoot me away


Please, undo my curse

すべてが 長き夜の夢だと言って 終わりにしてよ

Tell me it was a dream of a long night and put an end to it


君は 絕対あきらめるなって

You might say with your dazzling gaze

眩しい眼差しで 言うけど

To never give up

オレは 意気地なしだね

But I have no backbone

がんじがらめで 蹲るだけさ

I will only cower, bound hand and foot


何故暗に魅せられ 君まであざむいて

How have I lived by being seduced by darkness


And deceiving even you?

陽炎に似ていた 朧に身を隠し

I hide my body in a mist that resembles a heat haze

苦笑いなんて 嫌になる

I have come to hate this bitter smile


全てを舍てよう ほら

Let’s abandon everything, look

最後の仕事を するから

I will do my last job

星の瞬く 夜空で

And now will peer into

満月の 美しき銃口を今

The beautiful gun muzzle that is the moon


In this night sky twinkling with stars


そしてすぐに 罪を撃ちぬいて

And now quickly shoot out my sin

苦しい日々を 砕いて

Smash these sorrowful days

これから 君のため生きると言って 終わりにするよ

Tell me that I’ll live for you from now on and put an end to it


君は 絕対逃げちゃ駄目だって

You might say with tears in your eyes

涙を浮かべては 言うけど

That I should never run away

オレは そんな君さえ

But I might still


Betray even you, again


だからすぐに オレを撃ちぬいて

So shoot me now


Please undo my curse

すべてが 長き夜の夢だと言って 終わりにしてよ

Tell me it was a dream of a long night and put an end to it


君の涙で 胸を撃ちぬいて

Shoot me in the heart with your tears

愚かなこの身を 消してよ

Erase my foolish self

オレが 大切な君

Erase me before I can betray you again

また裏切る その前に消して…

You who are so precious to me…

Hello, can I ask you to translate a vocaloid song?

I mean, you’re able to ask me to translate anything you want. Whether or not I’ll do it is an entirely separate matter. I certainly can’t give you an answer without knowing which song you want me to look at.


I haven’t read SCAP, but is it possible that Banica was bullshitting, and she didn’t *want* to possess Allen bc of the events of Twiright Prank?

It’s possible but it doesn’t read like she’s bullshitting to me. I feel like if that was the impression we were supposed to get, Allen’s narrative would have called her on it like it did with the baby.


Maybe she just meant that Allen wasn’t gluttonous enough and Riliane was? Like how Adam couldn’t possess Gumillia because she had no Wrath. Though Adam’s issue was he wasn’t a real demon and Banica technically was > >

That…makes sense, I think. I’m not totally sure that’s the correct answer but I do think there has to be some kind of compatibility between contractor and demon for it to work right.