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every so often i remember pog stands for pomegranate orange guava and i am struck down by the sheer strength of the butterfly effect

1. Haleakala Dairy creates a juice of passion fruit (not pomegranate, my bad), orange, and guava and calls it “P.O.G.”

2. A game involving milk bottle caps pops up in the 70s, haleakala makes their lids collectable to play that game with the “POG” label

3. Game gets very popular in the 90s, gets called “pogs” based on the og caps (primarily) used having “POG” on them

4. Streamer Ryan Gutierre makes funny haha exaggerated faces in 2010

5. In 2011, same guy releases a video called “Pogs Championship”

6. PogChamp emoji is created, short for the “Pogs Championship’ video, and its used to signify excitement (also sometimes "Play Of the Game” since it shares an acronym)

its all fruit


that’s so




It’s utterly hilarious that Bethesda’s official release of classic Doom for the switch isnt actually the original game, it’s a 1:1 remake in the unity engine. They did this for, supposedly, compatibility and portability reasons. Because getting Doom to run on newer hardware was just outside of Bethesda’s abilities. Doom, of all things, definitely needed to be updated and made more modern so they could port it to various things. Doom, which can be played on a fucking printer, wasn’t portable enough for Bethesda.

Just pointing out it wasn’t really “remade” in unity, it’s just used as a shell to run the original game in. It’s no different than a source port, and just like those it adds functionality that wasn’t there in the original game like modern resolutions and a built in addon system.

That And, to my knowledge, all of the things doom is running on are run on them in the exact same way, custom shells that allow them to be ran on them since you ant just chuck the dosbox executable into a printer and have it work. Don’t see why this is so strange.




“Mean girls all grow up to be nurses!”

“Mean girls all go into social work!”

“The mean girl to teacher pipeline!”

Y’all, these are just pink collar jobs. The reason you think there’s so many “mean girls” in these fields is because they’re all like 97% women. Of course some of them are gonna be assholes. There’s assholes everywhere.

We get it. Your job isn’t like other girls’ jobs. It’s a cool job.

it’s true that there are some incredibly cruel people in all of these professions.

it’s also true that they all suffer from chronic underpayment, overwork, lack of institutional support, and insane bureaucratic demands that would make them fail the people in their care all the time even if every single one was a saint.

That’s absolutely missing the point.

While those are all “helper” professions and they very much are pink collar (and are underpaid, that’s not an incompatible idea), they’re also ones that involve power over vulnerable people’s lives. (And I’ve only encountered it as a comparison to, say, male bullies becoming cops, it’s not like men aren’t being mentioned here.)

Secretaries/administrative assistants aren’t on that list for a reason. Flight attendants aren’t on that list. Housecleaners aren’t on that list. Receptionists. Customer service representatives. Dental hygienists. The people who style hair or do nails. That’s not a list of pink collar jobs. It’s specifically (pink collar) positions where if you want to abuse people you’re relatively likely to get away with it.

It can both be true that “nurses who care for disabled people need better pay” and “nurses who care for disabled people have a lot of opportunities to abuse their power and that’s something worth talking about.”

Women aren’t immune from treating people badly because they’re women, or because women are underpaid. They’re sure not immune from specifically seeking out jobs that will allow them to be cruel without any consequences to them, if they get personal satisfaction out of being cruel.

You are trying to shut down a conversation about abuse.


none of you know true tragedy unless youve ever worked in a circus to try and buy your girl a wedding ring but you get stuck in a gorilla suit and everyones too doggone scared to help you out of it



TIL only 64–77% of people experience a headache at some point in their lives.

if youre one of the lucky 23-36% turn on your location so i can bonk you over the head with a table lamp and teach you what it feels like to be mortal like the rest of us

I’m pretty sure that statistic is about headache disorders (i.e. ongoing recurrent headaches) not just single headaches.


Tumblr may be a hellsite, but Tumblr’s user experience has actually, legitimately improved over time, albeit incrementally and with occasional backsliding, while most other major social media platforms’ user experience has become steadily more hostile.

Like, given a choice between well-meaning incompetence and competent malice, I’ll take the former any day.


I sometimes wonder what implicit rules of English orthography various obviously nonsense words are breaking. Like, it’s obvious to any native English speaker that “bepis” is not a plausible English word, but why isn’t it a plausible English word?

My best guess:

First, the syllable “bep-” is weird because you don’t see a lot of bVp syllables like that. You get plenty of pVp and bVb (pap, pep, pip, pop, pup, baby, bib, bob, and bub are all words on their own, besides all of the words that include such syllables). On the other hand, syllables starting and ending with a mix of p and b are few and far between. One of the few examples is the “peb-” in “pebble”, which itself used to be “papel” in Old English. Of the examples of bVp syllables in English, there’s “bip-” coming from the prefix “bi-” being appended to a root starting with p, and a few loanwords like bupkis or baptize.

Then there’s the ending. Most English words ending in “-is” are technical terms coming from Greek, where many nouns end with the suffix “-σις”, latinized as “-sis”. However, this gives us words ending in “-tis”, “-sis”, and occasionally “-xis”. There are also a handful of other Greek loanwords ending in “-lis”, but none (as far as I am aware) ending in “-pis”. Now we also have a bunch of English words ending in the sound “-pis”, but they are all spelled with a double s.

One way to test these ideas would be to fix the broken rules and see if the resulting words seem more plausible. Certainly we can naïvely apply the rules to generate the gently modified words “bipiss”, presumably something related to two pisses, or “bepsis” (perhaps “beptis”) which seems like some kind of neologistic technical term for drinking too much cola. We could also nudge the word closer to typical English orthography and phonology to produce a whole litany of potential words (“pepiss” “peppiss” “pippiss” “pepsy” “bebbiss” “bebsy” “peppies” “pebiss” etc.) but most of those are just hovering around going back to “pepsi”, which kind of defeats the point.


So much violence. Reblog to give the person you reblogged from a little head pat


SORRY ITS LONG i couldn’t find a way to put th images in a way i liked otherwise




There’s something that’s been tormenting me that I need non-KH-player Smash fans to understand.

At the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, to cut a long story short, Sora misuses a powerful magic so hard and so often that the universe itself goes “Alright, that’s quite enough of that” and yeets him outside of reality.

When the other characters learn about this, they start hypothesizing about what kind of place Sora might have ended up in. What they conclude is that a world outside of reality must necessarily be a world of “unreality.”

And what they conclude about a world of unreality is that the most likely form it could take is “a fictional world.”


Remind me what aspect of the Smash Bros universe the Sora trailer heavily emphasizes? Right before Mario takes up the Kingdom Key and Sora drifts in through the keyhole he opens?


That it’s all make-believe.

In other words, that Super Smash Bros is a world of unreality and fiction.

There is a non-zero chance that Smash Bros is part of KH’s ongoing plot and it’s killing me.

Nomura is 100% going to make Sora’s Adventure Mode (or whatever the story paths are called in Smash) plot relevant to the next KH title.

Consider the following:

  • Though Sora is the final DLC character in Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai has claimed that negotiations to get Sora in Smash Bros. Ultimate had been ongoing since before the first DLC pack, which was released in July 2019.
  • Sakurai has also claimed that Sora had initially been considered for inclusion as a result of write-in votes for Mickey Mouse in the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, which concluded in October 2015.
  • Thus, we know that Nintendo entered into negotiations with Disney to get Sora in Smash Bros. no earlier than October 2015 and no later than July 2019.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 was released in January 2019.
  • Depending on exactly what point during that timeframe those negotiations began, it’s entirely possible that Tetsuya Nomura was aware of them at the time that the ending to Kingdom Hearts 3 was being written.
  • There’s a non-zero possibility that the above-cited narrative congruence is not the result of Nintendo exploiting a target of opportunity after the fact, and that Nomura wrote Kingdom Hearts 3′s ending the way he did specifically so that it would be compatible with the as-yet-hypothetical possibility that Sora would end up in the Smash Bros.universe.
  • This may have been the plan the entire goddamn time.




varieties of clown, ranked from best to worst:

  1. jester (noble, refined, revered ancestor of all modern clowns)
  2. fool (similar to a jester, but less commercial, more dedicated to everyday clownery, usually does it for the love of the game rather than success)
  3. regular clown (standard, not much else to say!)
  4. rodeo clown (brave but brutish, no sense of subtlety or nuance)
  5. mime (doesnt laugh, untrustworthy, frequently trapping themselves within spaces invisible to non-clowns <– stupid)
  6. anyone who juggles

feel free to add to this but if you reorder it ill kill you with my hands

7. you

post cancelled, nobody is allowed to be mean to me


when programs fucking autocorrect <3 to ❤️ and :) to ,,,, do you have any idea what you’ve just done?? what you just fucking destroyed ?


Two things that can be true at the same time:

1. This whole business whereby every time a media creator turns out to be a terrible person, suddenly their work has retroactively always been entirely without merit, no right-minded individual has ever derived the slightest enjoyment from it, and every single person who ever called themselves a fan at any point in time is either stupid or evil is just the the just-world fallacy in a funny hat, and represents an actively dangerous way of thinking about media, because the inevitably corollary of ”only bad people enjoy the work of bad people” is “I know I’m not a bad person, therefore none of the media creators whose work I enjoy can possibly have done anything wrong ever”.

2. Once a media creator has, in fact, demonstrated that they intend to use the revenue and exposure derived from their work for evil, it’s reasonable to turn a critical eye to how folks engage with that creator’s work from that point forward.

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the squeakquel:

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Date a boy who forgives you for your past

date a boy who disregards your Cracker Barrel arson charge

date a boy who was your accomplice in the Cracker Barrel arson 

world heritage post

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Everything is like “QUEER history” and “List of QUEER young adult books” or “Top 10 QUEER movies” and queer this and queer that and for the love of god please just say LGBT.

But queer is more inclusive

And faster to pronounce if you are talking instead of writing.

It’s not more inclusive, and if your excuse of using a slur as a blanket term is “it’s faster to say”, GENUINELY what is wrong with you

It’s called economía del lenguaje.

It’s also the respected academic term?? The acronym isn’t static and it’s usage is varied by things like generational difference, location, and knowledge of the community. Even just in the U.S. in the last few decades the common usage gone from GLBT to LGBT to LGBTQ, to LGBTQA/LGBTQIA/LGBTQIAP/etc (Which, let me tell you as someone who has given presentations in the past using these updated acronyms, are all real mouthfulls), to LGBT+.

Also yes, queer is more inclusive! Especially coming at it from an academic standpoint, people didn’t always use or identify with the terms we use now and you can’t always try to cram them into our modern perceptions of sexuality. We can argue for years about whether a famous historical figure was gay or bisexual or straight and trans or whatever, but if we can all agree that they were somehow queer then using that term allows us to move past the debate and into productive discussion. And not everybody everywhere shares the same terms for sexual and gender identity, or even the same concepts of those things, so queer really is a more inclusive term in a lot of cases.

Like yeah if you’re talking specifically about gay or trans people you can just say gay or transgender, but if you’re talking about more than one identity or someone who doesn’t conform to our perceptions of ‘LGBT,’ or a person or people whose identity you don’t know, queer is just the better word.

“That’s SO gay”, “Oh my god, you’re not a LESBIAN, are you?”

Your words are slurs, too. Why do you get your words, but I don’t get mine? What makes you so special?

I’m here, I’m queer, go fuck yourself.

queer is not a slur, stop drinking the TERF koolaid

every time one of you fools spout about ‘queer is a slur’ a terf laughs because their fucking plan to make that word ‘taboo’ is fucking working you dipshit.

I did not get my degree in queer literature for you all to keep pulling this bullshit.

baby gays,,,, i beg of you to learn your queer history and stop listening to terf bullshit

every single one of our labels has been used as a slur against us.

terfs and -phobes are always going to try and hurt us with what we identify as. but the fact remains these are OUR labels and always have been.

we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.

I don’t know if this is just because I’m not American but I’ve never heard queer used as a slur. Ever. Meanwhile gay was the insult in the 2000s here. Everything you didn’t like was ‘soo gay’. Queer wasn’t even a word most of us knew back then.

It just baffled me that people would think an identifier is automatically a slur just because someone uses it to mock someone. If we did that gay would be a slur. Stupid would be a slur. Autistic would be a slur.

The reason people are upset about the word queer is that it’s a unifying term. You can say you’re queer and all people will know is that you’re part of the community. But you can’t say you’re LGBT, you have to say you’re gay or trans or ace. They don’t want you to be ambiguously queer. They want you to say which kind of queer you are so they can decide whether you’re undesirable.

yeah in the 90s and early 2000s kids would call each other “gay” as an insult. But no one ties themselves in knots over whether “gay” is a slur. So yeah, please ffs learn your history.

hashtag reading i'm gonna queue this post like 4 times

They want you to say which kind of queer you are so they can decide whether you’re undesirable.




The fact that Facebook was hindered in resolving their network routing issues in part because those same routing issues made their keycard readers stop working and locked them out of their own server rooms implies that Facebook’s building-internal security systems are on the same network as their public-facing social media infrastructure, which is both terrifying and hilarious.

Like, you know how funny it is that we never know why Tumblr is down because the page that reports Tumblr’s current status – and to which all outage messaging explicitly directs you – is hosted on the same server as the main site, so anything that takes out the main site also takes out the status page?

This is like that times a million.

And you know what the crowning cherry atop the clowncake is?

They ended up having to break out the angle grinders and cut their way into their own server room not because there was no lock-and-key backup for the electronic security, but because the personnel who held the keys to the lock-and-key backup couldn’t be reached.

Why couldn’t they be reached?

Well, Facebook’s internal messaging app was also down (of course), and because Facebook’s company policies forbid making use of any communication method other than the app, no one had bothered to maintain a phone contact list. The whole situation could have been resolved much more quickly if anyone, anywhere had simply known the keyholder’s phone number – but not a single person did.

Like, there’s failing to implement redundancies, and then there’s wilfully obstructing your own ability to make use of redundancies that already exist, and the preponderance of evidence suggests we’re looking at the second one.


EDIT: Okay, upon further review, the part about the angle grinder has apparently been retracted by various media sources due to unreliable sourcing. However, the part about being unable to use the lock-and-key backup because, without the internal communication app, nobody knew the keyholder’s phone number is confirmed. Still!