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Currently into my 4th year of self-learning. This blog was made to help myself build a better Japanese vocabulary. Mostly for personal use, but if you like, feel free to follow. I'm not a teacher, but feel free to Ask too....
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夕方> yuugata> dusk

thought i’d celebrate 幽霊の日 by coming back to life

自然> shizen> nature/wildlife

寂しい> sabishii> lonely

  • 寂しい場所が完璧と知る。(I know an empty spot that’s just perfect.)

地図> chizu> map

Welcome to the long-awaited return of YouTuberTuesday. This week we have 花江夏樹 (Hanae Natsuki).

He’s a seiyuu - anime fans may recognize him from “Kimetsu no Yaiba” - who makes comedy lets-plays often featuring his other seiyuu friends and his cat.

subtitles: sometimes

English CC: no

心中> shinjuu> double-suicide

Specifically pertains to suicide pact between lovers. Thankfully extremely rare in modern times, but still happens. Reasons can include anything from financial problems to controlling parents.

根性> konjou> determination, willpower

古い> furui> old/antique

  • 達の建物は魅力そうでも本当古いと粗末です。(The building looks nice, but it’s old and worn.)

After a brief break, welcome back to YouTuber Tuesdays, where this week we have チョコレートカカオ!

カカオ is a popular ASMR/cooking channel run by a gudetama enthusiast patissier that focuses entirely on all the things you can do with chocolate.

Kanji subs: yes

English CC: yes

失望> shitsubou> disappointment

断る> kotowaru> to refuse/reject

  • ごめんなさい、あなたの・申し入れを断れなければです。(I’m going to have to turn down your offer.)

Happy Spring Equinox!


A lot of people don’t know this but a lot of lily varietals are completely native to Japan and E China. The ひめゆり (lit “princess lily”) is one of them. It’s fairly unique in that it’s edible - most lilies are poisonous.

牡丹> botan> (tree) peony

You can do either-or on writing it in kanji or kana.

ライラック> lilac

彼岸花> higanhana> red spider lily

Those of you who watch a lot of anime have probably seen this flower before. It’s commonly used in art to represent when two people will never meet again.

On a slightly more positive note, they also represent Buddhist reincarnation (saying goodbye to your old life).

The アマビエ is a lesser known 妖怪 myth that’s exploding back into popularity.

As it goes, back in the days of Edo, a court official went out to investigate something strange in the sea nearby when a creature appeared. The mermaid-bird told the official that Japan would have a huge harvest for the next six years. However, if a plague happened instead, “draw a picture of me and show it to everyone”.

Unfortunately the official was not the best artist around…

The story caught on and the image of the アマビエ was used as a talisman against sickness during the epidemics.

However, once penicillin and antibiotics happened, people didn’t really need the アマビエ anymore. But with Japan being one of the hardest hit countries in the covid-19 epidemic, people are deciding to give it another shot, with “show it to everyone” being taken as “post it on social media”.

伝染病> densenbyou> contagion

me: i think i have enough energy to do some vocab before work! :))

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