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punipunijapan:Last week we announced that we would be opening a JLPT preparation course for the JL


Last week we announced that we would be opening a JLPT preparation course for the JLPT N5 test.

We are happy to announce that over 15 students have signed up for the course already and we are expecting more still over this next week! If you haven’t signed up yet, click the button below to sign up!

If you are one of the students who has already signed up for the course, thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the class starting next week, April 22 at 10:30 AM Japan time! Stay tuned for more details about how to take the lessons. We will send you email soon!

Once again, we apologize to those of you who are of a higher level who were hoping for N4 or higher class. If you are one of them, and if you haven’t done so already, please let us know! If we get enough students, we can start a higher level class too!

*Information about the N5 course*

Q: Who will be teaching the course?
A: One of our experienced professional Japanese teachers will be teaching the course. Her name is Kumi Matsuda. You can call her Matsuda Sensei!

Q: How long is each lesson? How many lessons are in the course?
A: Each lesson will be 30 minutes long. There will be 20 lessons in the course.

Q: How much does the course cost?
A: Each lesson costs only $5 USD! Since there are 20 lessons in the course, the total price for the course will be $100. Since the goal of this course is to improve your Japanese to the point where you can pass the N5, we will only accept student who are prepared to take the full course.

You can pay for the course by clicking the button below:

Q: What time is the lesson?
The lesson will be every Sunday and Monday at 10:30am Japan Time from 4/22 to 6/25.

Q: What if I am not available at those times?
A: No problem! You can still take the course. Instead of joining the live lesson, you can watch recordings of the lecture at a later time. You can also ask questions on the class’s page at any time!

Q: Do I have to attend all the lessons? What if I miss one?
A: Don’t worry! There is no penalty for not coming to the lesson, and if you miss a lesson, you will be able to see the recording of the class the next day.

Q: Can I ask questions in the class? Outside of class?
A: Yes! If there is time, you will be able to ask questions at the end of each lesson. However, there may not be time to answer all questions. If you have a question, you can post it on the class’s page after the lesson and the teacher will answer your question.

Q: How many students will be taking this class?
A: We are not sure of the number yet, but the class will be lecture-style with questions asked either at the end of the lesson or in writing after the lesson has ended.

Q: How do I join the lesson?
A: Once you have signed up for the course, we will give you access to the class’s page. On this page, we will share the link that will take you to the lesson. You don’t have to download any software! You can join the lesson easily from your browser!

Q: When and where can I take the JLPT N5 Test?
A: It depends on what country you live in. You can see the information for taking the JLPT in Japan at this link: and you can see the information for taking the JLPT in other countries from this link:

This is a really great opportunity to learn Japanese from a real Japanese teacher for a very reasonable price! We hope to get a lot of students to participate so that we can continue to offer more services like this in the future. Click the button below to pay for the course!

Spreading info:

Post link


太陽 (たいよう、taiyou) - sun

月 (つき、tsuki) - moon

地球 (ちきゅう、chikyuu) - earth

光球 (こうきゅう、koukyuu) - photosphere (bright, visible surface of the sun)

食年 (しょくねん、shokunen) - eclipse year

金環食 (きんかんしょく、kinkanshoku) - annual (solar) eclipse

食の季節 (しょくのきせつ、shoku no kisetsu) - eclipse season

食 (しょく、shoku) - eclipse

日食 (にっしょく、nisshoku) - solar eclipse

月食 (げっしょく、gesshoku) - lunar eclipse

皆既 (かいき、kaiki) - totality, where the sun is covered by the moon (solar eclipse) or the moon is in the earth’s shadow (lunar eclipse)

皆既食 (かいきしょく、kaikishoku) - total eclipse

部分食 (ぶぶんしょく、bubunshoku) - partial eclipse

  • To be more specific, the previous two can also become 皆既日食 (total solar eclipse), 皆既月食 (total lunar eclipse), 部分日食 (partial solar eclipse), 部分月食 (partial lunar eclipse).

隠す (かくす、kakusu) - to hide

皆既帯 (かいきおび、kaikiobi) - path of totality (the path the moon’s shadow travels the earth during an eclipse).

光環(こうかん、koukan) - corona

軌道 (きどう、kidou) - orbit

本影(ほんえい、hon’ei) - umbra (a complete shadow)

半影(はんえい、han’ei) - penumbra (part of a shadow)

疑本影 (ぎほんえい、gihon’ei) - antumbra (part of the moon’s shadow that extends beyond umbra)


A hodgepodge of useful phrases I’ve collected that come in handy for language-exchange or tutoring with native speakers.

日本語で「 」って何と言うんですか
にほんごで「 」ってなんというんですか。
How do you say “ “ in Japanese?

Does “a” means “c”?

Do I make sense?

Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

If there is a better way to say this, please tell me how.

「 」っていう表現は自然ですか?
「 」っていうひょうげんはしぜんですか?
Does “  ” sound natural?

Does this word work in this sentence?

Please correct my Japanese.  

Thanks for the very easy-to-understand explanation

Thanks for the very detailed explanation.

Thanks for pointing out my typo(s).  

Thanks for correcting (that) for me.

(That) was educational/I learned a lot

(That) was helpful.

If any of these is wrong, iffy, or could be phrased better, don’t hesitate to point it out!


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Thanks to @marlanekozawastudyblr for tagging me. I never get tagged an anything so I was really happy to see the notification )^o^(

Nicknames: J-Bae, Jay

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Favorite Musician: hmm…I like a lot of people so I’ll just list a few: indago la end, Asian kung-fu generation, radwimps, you me at six, Beyoncé, John Legend

Song stuck in my head: for the past week I’ve had 江ノ島エスカー (enoshima Escar) by Asian Kung-fu generation stuck in my head

Last movie I watched: A Christmas Story

Last TV show I watched: Dear Sister (Japanese drama on DramaFever)

What I’m wearing now: black skinny jeans, white shirt, red sweater with a gradient that goes to a frosty white color

When did I create my blog: um….a year ago?? Two years ago??

What do I post: I reblog posts about Japanese, Spanish, and Mandarin, and various study tips, along with the occasional inspiration post, language memes

Do you get asks regularly: hahahaha…nope :(

Why did you choose your URL: I made up a a character who has different forms and one of them is called Divine Guardian

Gender: Male

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Average hours of sleep: 4 maybe 6

Lucky number: 2

Favorite Characters: Kara And Alex Danvers, Cat Grant (Supergirl characters)

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream Job: Interpreter for Japanese, Chinese, or Spanish

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@the-divine-guardian​ hey! thanks for the tag! here are my answers :)

nick name: sheena

star sign: pisces

height: 5′5

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fav musician: justin timberlake, rian (bi), boa, exo, jay park, red velvet, cl (from 2ne1)

last movie i watched: dont remember (?)

last tv show i watched: hell’s kitchen

what im wearing now: *no comment ;)*

when did i create my blog: about a year ago

what do i post; mostly re-blogs about japanese, and some of my own japanese content (going to be creating more soon)

Do you get asks regularly: nope

Why did you choose your URL: i wanted to showcase daily writing in japanese on things that were happening to me in real life. it turned into a re-bloglr but im working on changing that

gender: female unicorn

fav color: pink

avg hours of sleep: 7

lucky number: 7 or 16

Favorite Characters: Erza (Fairy Tale),  Hataraku (The Devil is a Part Timer), Yukihira Soma (Food Wars), Taiga Aisaku (Toradora), and literally so many more this would go on forever lolz

how many blankets do you sleep with: 2

dream job: Japanese translation for anime, manga and games

following: tl;dr too many to count lol

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みんなさん、こんにちわ。おひさしぶりですね。私はUdemy N5 コースをおわりました。Udemy N4 コースをはじめることができます!

Hey everyone! Its been a while hasn’t it? I finished the Udemy N5 course. I can start the Udemy N4 course! 

I even got a certificate of completion. ^.^ I know this isnt the biggest victory ever, but I am proud of myself for finishing it, despite going thru a tough time right now. 

The Udemy courses by the Attain Corp for Japanese are a really excellent resource for studying the JLPT. (check them out here:

I got the course when it was on sale on I know it looks pricey, but wait for the sales and it will be so worth it. 

Im now going to start the N4 course, and also the N3 course in preparation for the JLPT next year. Wish me luck!

Send positive vibes to Japan!
7.3 earthquake in Fukushima!
Nuclear reactors failing!!
#地震 #earthquake #ふくしま駅伝 #fukushima

おはようございます! お久しぶりですね!

Just a quick update from me. I know i have been largely absent for some time now. I am still in the process of moving. And getting my depression and anxiety under control with the help of my lovely hubby.

I have decided not to take the JLPT, just with everything going on in my life right now, I could not study how I wanted to. So I am striving to take it next year for N4 or N3.

I will return to Tumblr and Twitter once I move and things have cleared up. I want to make good content for all of you instead of re-blogging all the time.

Thank you for following and giving me likes. I appreciate you all!

See you all very soon!


Hey everyone. I know I havent been active at all, but if you could read this, heart and reblog please? Im going through a very difficult time right now, and need all the help I can get. This is from my go fund me page, it will only take a minute of your time:


Hello. I know you don’t know me but I really need help.

My family don’t want deal with me and my depression anymore, and don’t want me or my religious beliefs (im not a Christian and they don’t like this…) around them anymore.

I am too ashamed to even post this, but I need to move ASAP. I have been given 6 months to move out and need at the minimum $2,000 for moving costs (deposit and first months rent, and pet fees).

If I don’t move out before January, my husband, cat and I will be put on the street. We have no where else to go and no one else to take us in. Can you please help me?

Thank you for giving what you can, any little bit helps. Thank you so much!




Hey guys, really quickly send positive vibrations/prayers/etc to Japan. A 6.4 earthquake struck there today (4/15 in Japan), buildings have fallen and some lives lost. Please help spread the word.

Update guys a 7.1 tremor was just reported in Kumamoto, Japan 50 minutes ago!

Mt. Aso has erupted, and multiple landslides have occured during the past day. Please keep Japan in your thoughts! #prayforjapan

Video update from The Japan Channel on youtube on the latest 7.3 that struck yesterday :( #prayforjapan


Hey guys, really quickly send positive vibrations/prayers/etc to Japan. A 6.4 earthquake struck there today (4/15 in Japan), buildings have fallen and some lives lost. Please help spread the word.

Update guys a 7.1 tremor was just reported in Kumamoto, Japan 50 minutes ago!

Hey guys, really quickly send positive vibrations/prayers/etc to Japan. A 6.4 earthquake struck there today (4/15 in Japan), buildings have fallen and some lives lost. Please help spread the word.

皆さん、ごめん。I have not been feeling well these past couple of weeks, and my personal life has been busy as well. Right now I have a migraine (へんずつー偏頭痛). As soon as I feel better, and life calms down, I will be back to re-blogging and writing diary entries.

Here is some vocab!:

頭(あたま) が 痛い(いたい) です。
My head hurts.
頭(あたま) - atama=head (my head)
が - ga=subject marker
痛い(いたい)-itai=hurt (s)
です。 - desu=verb to be/is

I have a migraine.
偏頭痛 (へんずつ) - henzutsu=migraine
が - ga=subject marker
します。- to do

benkyogo:Nadine Nihongo Genki 1 and 2 Kanji Wall Chartこんにちは!If you’re studying using the Genki T


Nadine Nihongo Genki 1 and 2 Kanji Wall Chart


If you’re studying using the Genki Textbook Series, I have created this wall chart free for you to download, print and use!

It includes all Kanji from lessons 3-23 (Genki 1 and 2).

It is A4 size, but if you want a larger copy feel free to request one in my inbox.

Download link [HERE]. Enjoy!


Very nice beginner kanji chart, especially if you have the Genki books!

Post link
91hw:Katakana chart: ‘cause an anon suggested that I should post it :D.Very beautiful katakana


Katakana chart: ‘cause an anon suggested that I should post it :D


Very beautiful katakana chart! If you are new to Japanese please learn hiragana, katakana and beginner kanji! ^.^♡☆

Post link


This is the complete hiragana chart :D

Learn the details:
• Basic Hiragana shapes
• Hiragana additional sounds


Very beautiful hiragana chart! If you are new to Japanese, please learn hiragana, katakana, and beginner kanji! ♡☆


Diary Entry:

Today was frustrating. Everyone, how are you?


☆今日=today (kyo)

☆イライラさせられました=was frustrating (iraira sararemashita)

☆{イライラする=frustrating (iraira suru)}

☆皆=everyone (minna)

☆元気=how are you (doing, feeling) (genki)

こんにちは皆さん、I added romaji to this post. I got a inquiry asking me how to read it, so I updated it for everyone ^.^ I will add romaji for my next Diary entry so anyone who is learning Japanese, no matter their level can enjoy! ありがとうございます!^.^♡

and イライラさせられました is iraira saseraremashita (for romaji) ごめん!

Diary Entry: 


Because it is heavily raining today, I drank hot chocolate at my desk. 


 今日=きょう today 

雨=あめ rain 


ふって(ふゆ)=fall (precipitation) 

から=so, therefore; because 

私=わたしme, I 


私のつくえ(机)=my desk 

ホットチョコレート=hot chocolate 

 飲みました=drank (飲む=drink)