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Mutants did nothing wrong

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a lot of men will be like “this kind of behavior makes me embarrassed to be a man :( we’re not all like that, all women are queens i’m a feminist” and then stand by their buddy who acts the exact same way


you hate to hear it, but you know it’s true

  1. what song off a otherwise popular album do you think more people need to hear?
  2. what band/ artist needs more love?
  3. who do you think is/ are the most overrated artist/ band?
  4. what are your favorite subgenres of music?
  5. share a little known fact about a band/ artist you love?
  6. when someone asks you for a music recommendation what bands/ artists do you say?
  7. how much do you actually like those artists, be honest.
  8. what is your biggest musical guilty pleasure?
  9. how do you make your playlists?
  10. what are the best playlists you’ve made?
  11. what artist have you pretended to listen to to fir in or sound cool?
  12. what was the first artist you remember being pretentious about?
  13. i know you say you hate modern pop, but do you actually? if so, why?
  14. the smiths, mac demarco, tyler, the creator, joy division, brockhampton, the strokes, the cure, frank ocean, neutral milk hotel, radiohead, kendrick lamar, the beatles, weezer, death grips; you can only keep three, which ones will you chose?
  15. be honest, do you listen to any female artists? if you do do you feel superior to the other pretentious music kids because of it?
  16. how do you feel about artists “selling out”?
  17. do you think going to a big venue is worth it to see an artist live?
  18. how do you feel about venues with seats?
  19. what artist did you know about before they got big?
  20. how does it make you feel when an unknown artist you like blows up?
  21. “no one should be judged for their taste in music” do you agree with this statement?
  22. what artist did you try to like because you thought they were “cool”, but just couldn’t get into?
  23. what artist can you absolutely not stand?
  24. what artist do you think influenced your style the most?
  25. do you watch anthony fantano? if o how much do you let him influence your taste in music?


Every time I see that post that’s something like “weird, but technically not a sin,” I think about being seven or eight years old and bawling to the priest that I had scaled the walls of the pantry in my home like a spider monkey in order to eat all of the cookies that my parents had naïvely hidden on the top shelf to keep me from getting into them and wailing that I was a hopeless criminal and hearing just dead silence on the other side of the little wall.



light yagami is so fucking stupid in like a month they narrowed it down from like it could be anyone in the world.. to it could be anyone in japan to it could be anyone in the kanto region to it could be any student in the kanto region to its honestly probably one of the family members of these two policemen and my god this mans son is so fucking weird whats wrong with him like honestly i think L should have just taken the risk and hit light with a car one day and been like huh funny the kira murders stopped right this policemans son got hit by a car i asked my chauffeur to drive into him funny how that works out

(wade wilson voice) im in a relationship with a guy- not that there’s anything wrong with that!!!!


its extremely unlikely that DB Cooper is still alive (also he very well might have died from his jump) but if he is and if the DNA evidence identifies him thru a relative or w/e i think he should not be charged solely on the grounds that it was pretty dope


Reblog and put in the tags how intimidating you think you are on a scale of 1 to 10



parasocial relationships but you consider the celebrity to be your mortal enemy

camila cabello doesn’t know i exist but that won’t stop me from hating her as if she was my high school bully



Boozhoo (hello), my name is Ken, I am a disabled Ojibwe artist from northern Wisconsin. I am writing this post because I am having a hard time making ends meet and any donations I could possibly receive at this time would be greatly appreciated. Recent events have left my bank account depleted and my cupboards bare, I have some food but it will not last and I still do not know how I will cover all the utility bills.

I do have PayPal, that is really the best way to donate at this time, the email I use for that is: [email protected], or you can click here.

Feb 18 .. I got a food pick up scheduled, getting most of what I need. Still need to order household and hygeine supplies. Anything helps, miigwech, thank you.



the point of criticizing “not like the other girls” was to address the way some girls/women would put down others because of their belief that their interests were superior or less mainstream or whatever

if you’re using this phrase to belittle neurodivergent women or lesbians or bi women for acknowledging that they were different from their peers and often treated unkindly for it….what’s the point. what are you accomplishing

Disturbing number of white women are pulling this with WOC too

It’s not “I’m not like other girls” it’s “my experience as a woman is implicitly different from a white woman” and they can’t stand it


since people are talking britney i want to talk about the ableism within the free britney “movement” so to speak. ask yourself why you need to say “britney isnt disabled, she doesnt need a conservatorship” instead of “why cant disabled people have control over their own finances and how is that decision made”


i was having a baller day until the memories resurfaced

theavengers:Black Panther (2018)theavengers:Black Panther (2018)theavengers:Black Panther (2018)theavengers:Black Panther (2018)theavengers:Black Panther (2018)


Black Panther(2018)

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sometimes people are like “I finally read the comics and I thought you guys were joking about that” so here is an (incomplete) list of things you should know are actually real

  • The first time Wade and Nate met, Wade tried to kill him so Nate tied him up and FedEx-ed him back home (The New Mutants #98)

  • They both call their falling out a divorce, multiple times.

  • Wade’s “deepest darkest desire” is to rub sunscreen on a half naked Nate. No, he didn’t say that as a joke, it was revealed through someone using their mutation on him (Cable & Deadpool #20)

  • Nate likes Wade’s voice and is one of probably very few people who has told him “don’t shut up” and that he missed hearing him talk.

  • There was an uhhh techno-organic tentacle situation in C&DP #16. I will leave it at that.

  • Wade said Nate tops because Nate is “bigger, older, more experienced” (Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #4)

  • This panel from Split Second #5 (and the alternate version where he says “Hello mr tingly feeling” instead):
  • Nate cares more about getting Wade (the guy with a healing factor) out of harms way than the possibility of Wade harming someone else

  • They had a “don’t ask don’t tell” situation going on- not that there’s anything wrong with that!
  • “The only thing you had going for you was hooking up with Cable” (C&DP #35)

  • Wade agreed to work with the x men and then immediately betrayed them for Nate the SECOND they arrived at providence (C&DP #9)

  • They got together in a brokeback mountain kind of way. this panel is the second time a similar line has been used, the first being Wade saying “I don’t know if me an’ Nate can quit each other” (Split Second #2)
  • Wade told Irene that sex is better while bodysliding (Nate & Wade’s teleport thing)



Hi, I lost my job today on the same day that I scheduled an appointment for HRT. If anyone could send me some money so I didn’t have to prolong my transition any longer that’d be great.

Hey. I’m getting a commission post together soon but in the meantime I still have food and bills to take care of while I look for a job. Make the people in texas your priority right now but I’d appreciate if you could send something my way too.


scott after walking into the kitchen and jean hanging out with their son in law, wade: what the hell

jean:scott. don’t be mean.

wade:yeah scott, don’t be mean

jean:don’t push it.