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Fan: “I just have a quick question about the photos that you took with Misha”


Fan: “The sunset photos…”

Jensen: “Ah”







theoretically cockles isn’t rpf cause it isn’t f

#the only f i will accept is if it stands for Facts

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When they’re the captains of the damn ship… lol.

I mean, we literally have them sailing off and into the sunset… like…

THEY did this…

I’m still honestly in shock about Misha’s shipping birthday post… that he posted EVERYWHERE. every place he could post that, he did.

The show is over and they are still literally saying to us “in case you haven’t heard, people think we’re a couple. we will not provide any evidence to the contrary. don’t forget that everyone thinks we’re together. just remember that. think about it. please continue talking publicly about how in love we are.”


I look away respectfully, but Misha takes my face in his ridiculously huge hands and whispers “don’t you dare to blink”, while Jensen waits a few feet away, blushing, for Misha to come back to him so they can keep making out right in front of my salad

gatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smilesgatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smilesgatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smilesgatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smilesgatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smilesgatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smilesgatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smilesgatetogoldenwonders: destielette1: I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smiles



I juste noticed that when talking to Jack about Love, Dean smiles the same way Jensen does when talks about Misha and Danneel (Also knows as “The Misha’s face”)
And now I wanna die .


Thanks, I’m dying

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literally only dean would be like “cas is a weird.. little dorky guy” “he’s yay high *gestures to somewhere around his shoulder*” “hes a nerdy little dude with wings” like LITERALLY. only dean. would be like that. sam would be like Yeah uh he’s a dude in a trenchcoat with black hair. blue eyes. average height. deans the only one out here being like “AND he has sensible shoes :)” and for WHAT? for WHO? because hes in LOVE? because hes ENDEARED? im sick of it. its SICKENING



We have Jensen and Danneel saying they love Misha ON TAPE and I think that’s beautiful my life is complete now.

Also, thanks to DVD commentary by Danneel, both of them calling him “Mish.”

theoretically cockles isn’t rpf cause it isn’t f


it will never stop amusing me that jensen’s flirting with misha is so out of control it has legitimately held up production on spn


It’s the same look and I am weak because of it


thinking about how in canon dean winchester has met dorothy of oz and they became allies and got along. you might say he’s a f—you could call him a friend of d—

redwing:“he’s just a nerdy lil dude in a trenchcoat” redwing:“he’s just a nerdy lil dude in a trenchcoat”


“he’s just a nerdy lil dude in a trenchcoat”

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spn tumblr so fun because in real life if i ever told anybody how much i actually think about supernatural i would be socially shamed and perhaps medically intervened on but here i could say yeah i dreamed about hugging my best friend cas again and twelve people would be like damn me too


every time dean says something to the effect of “nerdy little dude with wings” i just want to SHAKE him by the shoulders like THATS AN ANGEL!!!!!!! THATS AN ANGEL OF THE LORD!!!!! AND HE LETS YOU DRESS HIM UP IN LITTLE HATS BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!


jensen talking about his production company and jared butts in to say that he will definitely be on whatever show jensen produces and jensen ducks his head to say “well, that’s a new development” and i’m laughing


Someone on the CW team really did just type in “Kansas concert” and picked the second image off google and somehow that makes all of this 10 times funnier than it already was


If you’re Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, or Jared Padalecki.


Read this post.

Dear J2M,

This is an open letter for you three written by a couple of unhappy passionate fans.

We write this to you because we know at least one of you has a secret Stan account and creeps on the destiel hashtag from time to time. Don’t lie. (Ahem. Misha Collins. Looking at you, Sir.)

With the subtle hints and possibility of a revival, us here at BarrenHeart (Bee and Jay) have some thoughts on what we think a reboot/continuation/revival would look like if it was done well.

Note: we don’t speak for the whole fandom(obviously). And we don’t even speak for all of the Cas/destiel fans. This is from our observation of the fandom after 15x18 and the finale, plus our own opinions.

TW: Dean’s death, suicide, sex reference.

Here are our demands suggestions for the potential revival.


First things first. Castiel is brought back.

And by that, we mean he is either shown to be rescued from the empty, Jack rescues him from the empty, or by some other means, that man is not left there to suffer for all of eternity.

Castiel is a lead character.

Not a guest star, not “and Misha Collins.” No. Misha Collins gets to be in every damn episode. He is an equal lead alongside Dean and Sam. Which leads into the next point.

Castiel gets his own storyline.

It can be connected to Dean in some way, but he needs his own arc, y’all. Don’t care what that is, but he IS his own character. So, some form of personal growth or whatever needs to happen. He is a badass and deserves a good storyline. Also…

Give this M– F– (mother father) his wings back!

Yes, he died without ever having his wings return to their full power. Like? We know he was nerfed so he wouldn’t overpower Sam and Dean. Prove to us that he can be a fully powered badass and still work alongside Sam and Dean. No need to get rid of that.

Human!Cas does not mean pathetic Cas.

There is a divide on whether Castiel should stay an angel. Personally, we like human Cas. However, human Cas was shafted in the series. If you make him human in any way, shape, or form, he’s gonna still have to be a badass. Don’t whimp him!

He can be a good hunter/pretend FBI agent just like Sam and Dean!

So, make him one! Let him do more cases. On his own. With other people. With Sam. With Dean. He can fight without powers, too.

Give him love!

For the love of freaking Jack, let that man know he is loved by people. Not even mentioning anything romantic, he still needs platonic love y’all. Let Sam say it, let Jack say it. Let anyone in his family tell him that he is loved. Not once in this series did Cas hear that anyone loved him. So, fix it!

New style, anyone?

Cas needs other clothes! Please now. The black trenchcoat we never saw in-show? Boss. Cas in a black leather jacket? Coolness. Hunter plaid? Do it.

Confession Resolution

Speaking of love, come to some conclusion please about him and Dean. Give a resolution somehow, somewhere. We personally don’t really care how it’s done, but there needs to be something said here. You cannot just drop a confession there and just leave like it never happened. So, talk about it.

Adding this, I swear, if this is bros only, you WILL lose Cas fans. So, think about what you’re doing.


Sam is important!

Now, personally we have a soft spot for Sam. His character arc in Season 1-5 was great. Demon blood, powerful Sam was amazing. So, don’t sideline Sam. Seriously. We are gonna say in an unpopular way (as if this post isn’t already unpopular to some), but Sam got sidelined real hard in the last few seasons of the show. Now, was that what Jared wanted? Don’t know. But, Sam needs his own storyline too that isn’t just revolved around Dean. Figure it out.


Speaking of which, let this man be powerful. Sam is best when he has powers. Sorry but also not. He has been given all of Rowena’s (who is arguably the best witch around) spell books and decides to not really do much with it? No. He’s becoming a BAMF witch. Full-out, no word spells and shit. End point.

Sam in Charge

He’s not just a baby brother. He’s a grown ass man. Give him room to grow. Allow him to be a leader. Let him lead a group of hunters, witches, a whole team of people! He’s strong on his own, too. He’s a big boy. Prove it.

He should fall in love.

Like, get married and all that. It’s a part of his arc, so keep it there. No blurry wife, my god! Personally it should be Eileen. She’s a badass. They also have a lot in common! Holy hell. They make a good team. So, keep that suggestion in mind.

Let him have the hero’s journey.

We want a good ending that shows growth for this character! He saw himself as a freak with powers, so…maybe he can use his powers now in a way that in empowering instead? Let him have an ending that doesn’t just return to the beginning. Let him have gone through all of this changed for the better.

Don’t be creepy.

Still keep the brotherly bond with Dean, but don’t make it weird, y’all. Don’t. Please.

Sam as a dad.

He can have a kid. But, Dean Jr? Eh. You might want to reconsider some other (Bobby) possibilities.


Now, with Dean, I wanna make this clear.


This man here has dealt with unbelievable trauma, suicidal thoughts and even almost died by suicide in the show (okay, it was for another reason, but still!) He dies way too many times in this show. It’s not new anymore. Perhaps, when the show was newer, death might have been a bittersweet ending. But, now. It’s tarnished. It happened too much and the message of “carry on” got tainted to mean “there is only peace when you die.” That’s not okay.

Resolve his issues!

He has so much pain and trauma. Let him seek help. Let your audience know that it’s okay to process these emotions. Let him heal. He deserves it.

Dean’s internal struggles

This is piggybacking a little off of point two, but Dean has a lot of things he needs to figure out. We feel like his journey is more internal. While processing his trauma, he needs to learn that it’s okay to be himself. This could include things about himself that he feels ashamed of or scared to admit. Things he may have repressed or suppressed over time. No more hiding who he is or brushing it off or making jokes. Be your true self, Dean. It’s time.

Dean’s still important, of course

That said, Dean should still be integral to the overall narrative of the plot. Of course he’s gonna go head to head with the Big Bad of the season/limited series, but he really should focus on what’s inside first before he can take this monster down.


No more dependent/unhealthy bond with Sam. Of course they are family and brothers, and will always be close. That’s perfectly fine. However, its important to note that Dean was Sam’s mom/Dad most of his whole life. And, well, that never came to a resolution. Please let Dean resolve this issue. Sam is grown and older now, and even though Dean will always feel protective of him as his Big brother, Dean shouldn’t feel like his life only revolves around taking care of Sam. There is more to Dean and his life.

Dean is complex

Also, Dean is not only about cars, burgers, and pie. It’s like some of the writers forgot this. There are so many things/interests of Dean’s that are really cool and add to the complexity of his character. Keep those things.

He needs to resolve his issue with Jack.

He never said sorry to the kid. Not once after telling Sam that Jack wasn’t family. He needs to tell Jack he is loved.

Speaking of which, Dean needs to tell Cas he loves him.

Okay. Who knows if you will make destiel reciprocal at this point.

Do we think Dean would have reciprocated based on context clues and what we have seen in the show? Yes.

Do we think this love is romantic? Yes.

Do we think you’ll actually fully make it canon in a reboot/continuation? Eh.

Regardless,Dean loves Cas, so make it known.


‘The found family’ needs to not be forgotten.

All the friends that were made along the way need to be included. What happened with Garth was great, actually. Do more of that. And by that, we mean include Jody and Donna. What are the girls doing now? Wayward sisters anyone? Bring Kevin back. Don’t leave him to roam the earth all along like that. Either make him human again like Eileen or send him to rest in Heaven.

Where’s Eileen?

Hello???Where?Tell us she made it back.


No idea if you can get Kathryn Newton back, but it would be cool at least for one episode. Please. Kaia? Resolve her storyline.

Also, Charlie.

Wtf happened? That was not resolved. We love Felicia Day. Charlie’s friendship with Dean is amazing. She deserves a few episodes.


Seriously. What happened to Mark was super disappointing. You gotta bring him back. His death wasn’t great. Bring him back and give him his damn line already!


I’m not fully on the Baby!Jack train, but he does deserve a normal life. He’s three years old technically. He had no normal life whatsoever. He deserves that. So, give him that.

More Rowena please!

That’s it. She’s awesome.

Have a wedding.

No, really. Someone’s gotta get married. Our pick: Sam and Eileen. Charlie is also a good contender for having a wedding with her partner, too. So there. Weddings are happy. We want a happy ending.

I will reiterate. Team free will lives. That’s it.

Okay. Now, moving on to the next part of this. The elephant in the room. The thing a lot of us actually want from this, but frankly, we aren’t sure if you’ll do it.

Explicit Destiel.

If you’ve read this far J2M, then you’re probably wondering when this was going to be addressed. So, here are the stipulations on destiel.

Go big or go home.

Yep. We said it. Make it explicit, full out, no ambiguity.

Honestly, you might be thinking what you could do to make it explicitly canon? Well, since there were tons of people who still think Cas’ love confession was just a platonic exchange between two bros (like wtf? How?), you’re gonna have to spell it out for people.

But, some things that we may perceive as romantic, some people may not.

–Like,holding hands could be considered platonic between two men to some people.

Cheek kissing could also be considered platonic to some people.

Not to say we need Jensen and Misha doing full on NSFW sex scenes to prove anything, but something more than a hand hold. Okay?Okay.

What we’re saying is basically, you’re gonna have to kiss. On the lips. Yep.

So…I guess you’ll have to figure out how you want to do that.

On when to make it canon:

You can decide if it makes sense to make it canon towards the beginning or towards the end. Honestly, there could be an argument for either. If it’s made canon earlier, you could prove there can be a relationship alongside the main storyline. If you wait until the end, you’ll leave fans wondering if you’ll actually do it. But, the kiss being the major event of the finale could be worth it. Whichever you do, remember there are upsides and downsides to both.


Just realize who your fanbase is now. We’ve grown and changed. Like Becky, your fans have gone through a huge change in what they want from the show. Is the fandom all on the same page? Nope. Will they ever be? No.

You will not please everyone. That’s a given. But, a lot of fans want to see the show wrap up in a better way than what we got. Destiel fans aside, the finale was not great overall. There are plenty of negative finale reviews that have nothing to do with destiel.

On top of that, society is changing. Slowly. The attitudes in regards to lgbtq media is quite different than before. You have the chance to make history. Really. If you make this canon, that will be a part of your legacy. You’ll hit the news. I mean, 15x18 wasn’t even the finale and it trended #1 that day.

We suggest that if you do decide to make it canon, it’s meaningful and you take the time to do it right.

So, consider your fans. Consider the part of the fandom that trended your show over the election. Consider the fans that trended a fictional wedding on Valentine’s Day. Consider Misha/Cas fans who felt slighted. Consider your LGBTQA + fans. Just, think about what the reboot could achieve. What it could mean to a lot of people.

As always, we just want happiness and peace when we are done.

Thanks for reading MishaJ2M.


Bee and Jay




i just DONT understand why would they make cas gay if they didnt want him to be gay?

it hurts how much truth there is in this one single post