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The most cursed word to append the suffix “-sona” to.





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big brain only


the English Major in me loathes this but the word-play lover in me adores this

@copperbadge Saaaaam

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This one’s for the anon who asked me for royalty AU recs, and for @tari-aldarion who got really excited when I mentioned this list :D This list also kind of overlaps with some fairytale AUs, hope that’s okay!

Remember to leave kudos and comments for your hard-working authors!

The King’s Matebysavedbythenotepad (@savedbythenotepad):

Steve doesn’t believe in rushed marriages and knows that he can find his mate if he’s given the time. The Council disagree, seeing as Steve is a king who needs a worthy partner by his side. Especially when he needs to be married by the age of twenty-five. Steve is twenty-three and running out of time.

Tony has been forced into a betrothal with an alpha who only sees him as a object and a tool. He has fought and protested but no one listens due to his omega status. All Tony wants is to be free and live life the way he wants, free from the restraints of what an omega should be.

Then it all changes when their worlds collide, for the better and for the worst. (WIP)

The Tower PrincebyAwHusbandNo (@cinnamonrollbucky):

When King Howard Stark, and his Queen, Maria, are killed in a tragic accident, their young son, Anthony, is left in the care of the Right Royal Hand, Obadiah Stane.

As Anthony comes of age, he earns the nickname of the Prince in the Tower. But his reasons for staying in the Tower are not what they appear. (WIP)

Traitor’s ThronebyCluegirl: The war is over, the invaders are defeated, and the Avenger is dead. A year later on, searching for absolution, Prince Anthony Stark makes a pilgrimage to where it all began. (WIP)

The Prizebysabrecmc(@sabrecmc): Steve ends up as a concubine in the royal harem. (WIP)

A Higher Form of Warbysabrecmc (@sabrecmc): 

Tony is a King with a surprising number of people out to kill him. Steve and the rest of the Avengers are fighting for Pierce’s rebellion and end up with Tony as their prisoner. Oops.

Holding Out for a HerobyWordsplat(@wordsplat):

When Tony was a prince and Steve was his manservant, they were young and reckless and hopelessly in love. But an attack on Tony’s life convinces Steve that he can’t protect Tony, so he leaves in the dead of night to train until he can. Ten years later, Steve returns to the kingdom a strong and able knight, but his king is both furious and broken-hearted.

The Ghosts of Warbyscifigrl47: Steven Rogers never wanted to be king, but he knows his duty, and he does it well. Lord Tony Stark, the king’s appointed consort, does his duty as well, even though he’d enjoy his duty more if it actually involved sleeping with the king. As it doesn’t, he’s just resigned. The war that made Steve king and cost him nearly everything may be over, but a meeting of old enemies might stir up some ghosts none of them are prepared for.

The King and the BlacksmithbyNeverever (@captainneverever):

King Steven of York becomes friends with Tony, a refugee with a mysterious past. Tony hides his inheritance as a Dragonlord yet wants to help his friend the King. Steve is falling for the blue-eyed man but has to fight off Hydra invaders, leaving him little time for love. Can they find a happy ending together despite a war and secrets?

The Little Glass Screwdriverbyann2who (@stark-spangled-lovers):

When Prince Steven is forced to find himself a bride, true love gets in the way. As the night of the grand ball unfolds, the prince meets a mysterious knight who might just change his entire life in a way he could have never imagined.

As Constant as a StarbyAtsadi: As young children, Prince Anthony and Princess Natasha of neighboring Midgardian kingdoms are betrothed, and spend their summers together every year until they are wed. Tony adores his headstrong friend Nat: it’s her scowly little companion Steve he’s not thrilled about at first. But soon Steve goes from being a thorn in Tony’s side to being his dearest friend – and much, much more than that. Despite Steve feeling the same way about Tony, the pair still dance around each other for years as Steve struggles to accept his feelings for another man: especially one already betrothed to another. Not to mention that Tony is a prince, and Steve is nothing but a squire.

But before they can make peace, Tony is kidnapped and dragged into the beginnings of another conflict in the nearby magical kingdom of Asgard – he really hates magic. With his potential usefulness diminishing by the day, Tony races to escape even as Steve, Natasha, and their friends race to find him and bring him home.

And—just to make matters worse—Tony has been trapped by a powerful spell and turned into a swan, of all creatures. He really, really hates magic.

The Captain and the PrincebyPenumbren: Steve has had a crush on Tony for years. Captain Rogers heads up the castle guard when Prince Anthony returns from his studies abroad. What’s a poor captain of the guard to do when his past crashes into his present?

get it hot, hit it hardbygottalovev (@gottalovev): 

Anthony is unexpectedly brought back to Winterfell to be King in the North following his parent’s death. Frankly, he would have preferred continuing to work on his special projects - such as anonymously participating in tourneys as the Iron Man, and forging his special steel - instead of being given a crown. As for Captain Steven Rogers, he doesn’t quite know how to deal with this unconventional new king.Unfortunately, their lives are shaken again when Hydra strikes.

My Life Belongs To My Country, But My Heart Will Always Be YoursbyRenai_chan: Crown Prince Anthony of Stark tries to keep his relationship with Sir Steven Rogers a secret from his father, but when Archduke Obadiah Stane is assigned to be his guardian in the king’s absence, their relationship becomes Obadiah’s leverage for control.

The King in the TowerbyAetherSprite (AranthianPrincess)

Instead of spending seventy years trapped in ice, Steve finds himself suddenly in the distant past where he meets a boy king and a charming man from the not-so-distant future. Together they go on an adventure intimately entwined with one of England’s most enduring mysteries.

TidesbyMusicalLuna(@musicalluna): Steve and Tony sneak off to a secret cove to spend time together.

So Strong a Thingbyorphan_account: Sir Stephen Rogyrs is a farm boy from a noble family who has fallen on hard times. He dreams of being a knight of the realm, but is too small and unhealthy to be selected at local tryouts, despite his determination.

Crown Prince Anthony Edward Stark is the only son of King Howard and Queen Maria Stark, heir to Starkhold in the Avengard realm. He is a genius at alchemy and weaponry, but resents his duties to the throne.Steve and Tony clash at a page tryout, and they unknowingly spark a chain of events leading to a fast friendship and a lifelong love…(Eventually, that is.)

Not Quite a Fairy TalebyMimsys: It’s not quite a fairy tale. It’s close, granted. There’s a prince, a wonderful ball, and a farm boy about to be given the chance to dance with royalty. But it’s not a fairy tale; it’s real life. And in real life there aren’t fairy godmothers, and pumpkins don’t become carriages.

Once and FuturebyTeyke (@teykekeyte): Steve Rogers makes his way to Camelot, seeking to become a knight in the service of King Anthony Stark. The king is not what he expects.

The Weight of Armorbyvorkosigan (@the-vorkosigan): Steve is mysteriously kidnapped. His Avengers are worried. Or: a post-Arthurian AU, with knights and kings and swords, evil sorcerers, half-giants out of Wales, and two certain idiots who don’t realize they are in love.

The Gilded Cagebyshetlandowl (@shetlandowl): The King’s long-time friend and political ally comes for a visit, and to introduce His Majesty to her son, Crown Prince Steven.

GQ: Prince Tony Starkbyeiirene,thisissirius: Prince Tony Stark. Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist …Husband?

Wasted Chances - Modern Royalty AUbyiswawrites: And Steve looks up and it feels like his heart drops in his chest and it’s strange - and funny- because the feeling is somehow familiar and he feels weak and hot and he’s suffocating and Tony is in front of him and Steve knows then, knows he’s in love, knows he’s screwed for the rest of his life.

If anyone wants a rec list, hit me up in my inbox! Previous rec lists are here.  

Unfortunately multiple fics on the list don’t seem to be there anymore (or the links are broken?)

thebirdfromthemoon-art: Iron Ladybug in action! really happy you guys like the design! i totally didthebirdfromthemoon-art: Iron Ladybug in action! really happy you guys like the design! i totally didthebirdfromthemoon-art: Iron Ladybug in action! really happy you guys like the design! i totally didthebirdfromthemoon-art: Iron Ladybug in action! really happy you guys like the design! i totally did


Iron Ladybug in action!

really happy you guys like the design! i totally didn’t follow the reference here sorry

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thebirdfromthemoon-art: Let me bring to you… the MCU (Miraculous Cinematic Universe) (click for bettthebirdfromthemoon-art: Let me bring to you… the MCU (Miraculous Cinematic Universe) (click for bett


Let me bring to you… the MCU (Miraculous Cinematic Universe) 

(click for better quality)

@thebiscuiteternal seems relevant to your interests :P

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First shipment of White Boys for this Summer.

It’s really great to see a quality river restocking program like this. If we can keep this up, some day white boys in rivers will no longer be considered endangered.

My mac truck brings all the boys to the creek

Omg the last guy with the wheelchair!

godofhyperrainbows:a-redharlequin: cubonepropoganda: eeveelution-appreciation:kradeiz:arrghigivegodofhyperrainbows:a-redharlequin: cubonepropoganda: eeveelution-appreciation:kradeiz:arrghigivegodofhyperrainbows:a-redharlequin: cubonepropoganda: eeveelution-appreciation:kradeiz:arrghigive











Growing up with your starters

Artist: esasi8794 / Twitter

The captions are also really cute, although they mostly describe what’s in each photo:

Bulbasaur: Somehow, nomming on my clothes… has become a weird habit of theirs.

Venusaur: That hasn’t changed now that they’ve grown, but they’re very gentle.

Charmander: It’s my first attempt, but I made a plushie so that he wouldn’t get lonely.

Charizard: That plushie seems to be his favorite even now.

Squirtle: Squirtle’s a bit timid and hides behind me at the smallest things.

Blastoise: Looks like they’re scared of the first Pichu they’ve seen. You’re not really hiding!


This is adorable

They just posted some more!


And some more!


You forgot these!!!

I’m disappointed that these were left out


If I ever don’t reblog this, kill me

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Ok so can someone explain to me how cryptocurrency pollutes? Like what crazy calculations are they running that they need enough brainpower to significantly effect things? Like I’m assuming what’s causing the pollution is increased electricity consumption but… how does sending lil pretend money tokens back and forth or whatever cause so much pollution?

Also, what the fuck is “mining”? How d'you mine… like bitcoin is not a naturally occurring resource, and I assume that you can’t just make it, cause that would make it instantly worthless… help?

So you get “coins” as a reward for performing the cryptographic calculations necessary to update the public ledger which is the blockchain. This is, by design, an increasingly complex and resource intensive process to slow down the collection of (intentionally finite) coins.

So every transaction with bitcoins requires the ledger to be updated with the current ownership of every already existing bitcoin, which also requires encrypting and decrypting a bunch of information and sharing it across the public ledger. So every transaction made with bitcoins increases the energy requirements of updating the ledger making it harder and harder to complete the latest version and get the coin which is a reward for doing that work.

There’s a lot I don’t fully understand myself but the long and short of it is that the actual value of any crypto currency is pretty much just what people agree on, except instead of a fiat currency where a government says it’s worth something and a mint that makes physical currency, there’s a bunch of nerds who agree that solving certain math problems is worth rewarding.

Feeling like adding on for a bit of context, I know it’s kind of hard to understand how mining for really any kind of crypto is hard to imagine, but seeing what a bitcoin mining facility looks like for the first time really helped me realize just how energy intensive it is.

See all these warehouses? They’re quite literally filled to the brim with specialized computers that do nothing but mine, each one filled with thousands of these computers, just row after row of this:

So all the power consumption winds up adding up like crazy.

Yep, that’s why cryptocurrency and NFTs are considered major contributors to pollution – because the energy needs of all those computers doing the calculation are equivalent to a medium sized country. Currently, crypto consumes more energy than Argentina.

Guess what’s inside a lot of mining rigs? Gowan, guess.


Graphics cards! 

Lots and lots of these puppies side by side, spinning their little fans as fast as they can go because as it turns out: GPUs are perfect for doing the calculations required for mining cryptocurrency.

Which means amateur miners buy a lot of these things.

So many, in fact, that there is now (May 2021) a world-wide shortage of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards and building a new gaming rig is damn near impossible because of the shortage. 

OR you can pay a ridiculously inflated price by GPU scalpers on eBay.

Seriously. Places that sell GPUs impose quantity limits because if they don’t… some crypto asshole will buy out their entire stock in one go.

But the “good” news is that the professional miners (like the Bitmain site up there, in the photos) use dedicated ASIC mining rigs which don’t use consumer GPUs. But (bad news) they DO use the same sort of chips that NVIDIA & AMD rely on to make their products, which just starves the supply pipeline at a different point.

Bottom line: not only does cryptocurrency mining consume terawatts of electricity, it also consumes megatons of computer hardware. Which is expensive to produce (in resource terms, like rare metals, petroleum, water, electricity, paper) and will, someday, require even MORE resources to recycle. Or else it ends up in a landfill.

Note that current dedicated mining rigs are so highly specialized they are useless for anything other than mining. They cannot be easily repurposed to  (say) sequence DNA or fold proteins for miracle cures.

What a waste.

in the interest of getting a complete picture of the thing, i did read a few pro-cryptocurrency articles. and the main pro-crypto argument acknowledges that yes, crypto mining is a terrible resource hog that does cause power and material shortage to actual real live people and yes, it does produce literal tons of unnecessary pollution, but that these minor inconveniences are prices that society is happy to pay in exchange for a greater good, just as we agree to invest in, say, computers and smartphones and other neat things

but even in this pro-crypto article nowhere could I find any decent explanation of what, exactly, this greater good for society IS. what, exactly, this new currency DOES for people that isn’t done by, you know, regular currency. what problem exactly it’s aiming to solve.

so i am forced to conclude that the Greater Good is that (some) people who could not previously print money for themselves now can do so. that’s it. he plugs in his pollution machine and it prints money.

I think part of the appeal is that it isn’t regulated or traceable by governments, so it’s great for illegal activity. There have been multiple incidents of kidnappings and other threats where payment was demanded in bitcoin.


ace pride!

so as you may or may not know i made a post showing off pan flags irl a couple days ago.

its gotten a lot of support and i’ve literally read all the tags

i’ve had people i dont even know me thank me and its the best feeling ever

but i did notice that there are a lot of ace pan’s who wished they had some ace rep

so here we have this post!

not just for pan’s also, but for every ace, aro/ace who felt broken.

i love you. literally i swear i do.

please share it because it really does mean the world to some people.



I have not forgotten the post where I asked folks for stock-buying advice based on their environmental observations – I haven’t been able to do much in-depth research yet, but I have notes for when I do. 

That said, I’ve been watching from a distance as the Reddit crew squeeze the short sellers a second time; the first time they blew up Game Stop, and recently they’ve done the same with AMC movie theaters. I absolutely didn’t anticipate it, but I actually owned shares of AMC, so I made a nice unexpected profit on that this morning.

Anyway, two is not a pattern but it is a weathervane, and I’m here to tell you, just on a hunch, that having gone for video games and movies I think fast food is next. Large fast food chains tend to be quite expensive directly, so it narrows the pool a great deal unless you’re investing in a public company that holds franchises (like Carrol’s Restaurant Group, which owns a ton of Burger Kings). The stocks that the Reddit group invests in generally have to be inexpensive because they have to buy up a shitload of them and they have to be accessible to people without insane levels of capital, so the stocks so far have been around $10-$20 before the push. They’ve been fairly unassuming companies that sell goods and services directly (unlike, say, a packaging company that supplies Amazon, or an index fund, or what have you). 

So this morning I took the proceeds from the AMC sale and bought stock in a fast food chain called Del Taco (NYSE: TACO), which has been pretty stable at $10 but has a history of gentle appreciation in any case. I’ll let you know how it goes. :D

For me the next thing after video games and movies would be TV or books tbh…












Some rando: You should think about stopping your prescription

Me: My pills make me not want to die tho

They: You shouldn’t want to die, that’s not normal

Me: Yeah that’s why I’m taking my pills

Again: But you aren’t the *real* you when you’re on your pills

Me: I’m the alive version of me

An actual doctor, once: “Relying On A Chemical Crutch For A Hormonal Imbalance Denies The Fortitude Of The Human Soul”

Me: Cool so like I’m agnostic

They: “But you might be on pills the rest of your life!”

Me: “So?”

Good! That means that I have a “rest of” my life to continue living!

Thanks to the pills.

Meanwhile, no person ever: “You should think about giving up your insulin/antiretrovirals/beta blockers/anti-rejection drugs/prosthetic legs/daily multivitamin, because using those your whole life is bad for some reason”

Oh no, they do that too.

I have a kidney transplant. A woman once told me she didn’t believe in organ transplants and that people should just die when they’re meant to. 

Sounds like a great set-up for a murder

People who are fully healthy, fit and neurotypical seem to think they are that way because they’re doing something right that the rest of us haven’t thought of, and not just because they got lucky

Speaking of the luck of the non-disabled…I once terrorized a Karen who was using me to teach her entitled kid that disabled people are Other and should not be treated with respect. I told her (truthfully) that until I was twenty-eight, I wasn’t visibly disabled. Then a defective chromosome that I hadn’t known about kicked in. So my luck ran out. But until then, I had been normal–just…like…her. 

The sheer terror on her face as the concept of “You mean I’ve just been lucky so far?” seeped into her brain was a thing of beauty.

Everyone is one accident away from being disabled. The ex-husband of a friend was taking out the trash, tripped and fell in such an unfortunate way that he cracked his spine. He *might* regain the ability to walk someday.


question to the fic writers on how you’d tag the following scenario:

There is a canon character who shows up in the last quarter of the story, in a bit of a plot twist, and whose name in the character listing would be a total spoiler. 

Would you add “Mystery Character” to the character listing, or else use the freeform tags to indicate that there’s someone else showing up later?

I mean you don’t *have* to tag for every character. Lots of people complain that overtagging is a problem when they are filtering for fics to read…



Congrats on reselling Neopets but for rich people…

You’re…. you’re killing the environment…..for neopets

If they can breed it ain’t Neopets, it’s Flight Rising



run faster then bitch


1, there are always gonna be people who are born with natural advantages that make them better at sports. No amount of training is gonna make your limbs longer or give you double joints

2, with all the shit trans people have to put up with day to day, do you really think someone is gonna ‘fake’ being trans just to compete in sports? You’re nuts!







@ my fellow adults who use tumblr a lot:

can you PLEASE put your age in your about/sidebar and make sure it’s accessible on mobile. imo if you’re an adult esp 20+ it’s a little weird that you wouldn’t have your age readily available on your blog. if you’re reading this now and you don’t have your age listed, please rectify that. i feel like teenagers get lured into talking to adults in fandom/lgbt spaces that they may not have intentionally sought out because they think they’re talking to other teenagers, and this can lead to a lot of other – much more insidious –problems

I know other people have already refuted this, but seeing the original message still going around I’d like to point out just a couple of reasons why this request - while well intentioned - misses a lot of key points:  

1. This is working under the assumption that tumblr is a space solely (or at least primarily) for teenagers/kids and that simply isn’t the case. Historically the creation of fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, etc. has been done by people in their twenties and older.  Think about how many years it takes to learn how to craft a good story. Think about what you need to pull something like a con together. That person with the Skill you admire? There’s a very good chance they’re an adult. It used to be that kids pretended to be 18+ because they knew online fan communities were adult spaces. I’m not sure when this switch happened, but it needs to stop.

2. It is not “a little weird” that people don’t put their age on their blog. I have mine because I’m comfortable sharing it and my fan identity/irl identity are already really conflated, but a lot of people - mostpeople - want to keep personal information to themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that and insisting that we reveal that information is all kinds of wrong. Can you ask someone their age? Certainly! Maybe they’ll tell you, maybe they won’t, but regardless you are not entitled to that information. 

3. The children on here? They are not my responsibility. If kids/teens are worried about who they’re talking to then they should either a) be careful about who they interact with or b) not use this website. If they’re too young to understand this then they’re too young to be online without parental supervision. Now, how can a teen be careful about who they interact with? Check the person’s blog. See the kind of content they post. See if there are any hints about their age (mentions of school, job, birthdays, etc.) - or again, just ask! I’ve had plenty of people on here decide they only want certain types of interaction with me after discovering my age and that’sfine. But it’s not my job to monitor everyone else’s internet use.

4. Finally, I find the language here to be rather concerning. “A little weird,” teenagers are “lured,” leading to things that are “much more insidious”… all of this, whether intentionally or not, frames anyone 20+ as intrinsically predatory. It also takes agency away from anyone under 18. Teenagers aren’t “lured” into talking to me, they make that decision on their own. They are their own person capable of making their own decisions, gathering information before making that decision (like asking someone’s age) or, if they can’t do these two steps then again, they should not be online. We’ve come right back to point #1: this is not your space. It’s our space. I’m not some trespasser here who only gets to stay provided that I cater to those younger than me. If anything, based on how much of online content is geared towards adults, kids should be working under the assumption that they are speaking to an adult until proven otherwise, especially on websites like tumblr that cater to all ages. Don’t assume you’re talking to another teenager. Don’t project onto a person and then get mad when you find out you’re wrong. That’s not them tricking you, that’s you failing to take responsibility for yourself. 

You want to know someone’s age? Ask, and then work with the answer you’re given. But someone failing to give you private information up front isn’t weird or predatory or insidious. The quicker everyone realizes that the better off we’ll all be.   

These are very, very good points.

I came into fandom when it was HIGHLY unusual for a younger teenager to be included in fandom spaces, and that was not that long ago. This sudden shift into fandom being for youth only is really disheartening. Who do you think organizes the cons you like? Chances are, it’s not a 18-year-old high school student, but a 40 year old project manager and a bunch of geeky IT professionals who love the fandom as much as anyone else.

Fandom is a shared space. Everyone has to share the responsibility of keeping it safe.

Also, Tumblr didn’t start as a fandom space - there’s a good number of us who’ve been here from before it became LiveJournal 2.0.

Also, Tumblr is a 17+ app.

So let’s not get too precious about who is and is not supposed to be here my young friend.

God, imagine thinking that strangers owe you to have personal information out on display? And acuse them of being predatory otherwise?

Like, the reason Tumblr is my preferred social media platform is precisely because it is anonymus. I grew up being told not to share information some creep might use to track me down. Sweet summer child!

copperbadge:The cryptids aren’t normally very interested in people food. Whenever I have food where


The cryptids aren’t normally very interested in people food. Whenever I have food where they can get at it, they’ll usually come sniff it and then just wander off. Dearborn loves to sniff anything with tomato, and she did once take a chunk out of a McDonalds hamburger bun, but otherwise they’re just curious about what it is, they generally don’t want to eat it. Even when I give them french fries, half the time they just bat them around the floor and I find them a week later under the dining table. 

Which is why it was such a shock when the little shit pictured above got up on the coffee table, inspected the half-eaten english muffin on my plate, and then straight up grabbed a chunk of it the size of her face and ran off. She’s hiding under the bed now, audibly crunching it down. 

[Description: A photo of Dearborn the tortie lying on her back on the Most Coveted Blanket, paws in the air, looking upwards innocently like she isn’t an english muffin-stealing asshole.]

Deebs has been playing a long con, lulling you into a false sense of security!

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They just wanted to get into your pantsThey just wanted to get into your pants

They just wanted to get into your pants

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@copperbadge Sam, I think you’ll get a kick out of this






So which is considered the oldest fandom? ( By what is considered a fandom by today’s standards) Sherlock or Star Trek?

Star Trek fandom basically created the idea of fan fiction, but Sherlock fandom nagged the writer to bring Sherlock back from the dead so the series didn’t end.

Sherlock or Star Trek???

*dusts off lectern*

Star Trek is generally considered the first western tv/film fandom. (The Man from UNCLE had a fandom slightly before then, but it didn’t persist or make a huge splash like Star Trek did).

Sherlock Holmes is generally considered the first western modern fandom in the sense that it’s the first piece of media to have a fandom amidst modern ideas of copyright. (There are other fandoms that came a bit earlier, especially with the serialized publication of novels, but, again, they didn’t persist or make a huge splash like Sherlock Holmes did.)

As many other people have pointed out in response to this post, fandom (aka participatory culture) has been a thing basically forever, both in terms of writing fanfiction (though it wasn’t called that) and in terms of having Feels and Opinions about stories and sharing them with the creators.

Modern notions of fandom are generally characterized by our concept of intellectual property ownership and the methods of media distribution, both of which create a divide between producers and fans that makes each identity more discrete.

(Sorry for being a bad academic and not citing anything here, but I’m on mobile and don’t feel like sourcing it all.)

(Waves) I’m a graduate student studying Classical Japanese literature, and last year a colleague of mine did her MA thesis on 山路の露 (“Yamaji no tsuyu,” “Dew on the Mountain Road”) which is an honest-to-god fix-it fic of The Tale of Genji (aka the world’s first novel) that the 13th-century author wrote so her otp could get together.

A great many Knights of the Round Table were OCs added in to the narrative by local storytellers who wanted a knight from their area of England. Some of them have absolutely fucking crazy powersets, and a non-zero amount of them have same-sex romances. Lancelot himself, one of the most famous knights, is Chrétien de Troyes’ super cool good at everything totally hawt Gary Stu from the 12th century. 

The fic writers for BBC’s Merlin are arguably the truest inheritors of English-language fanfiction, especially the ones that make knight OCs and slash them.   

In addition to the lovely and true examples listed above, fairy tales and most folklore and ancient semi-historical epics fall under this umbrella as well. Retellings and revisions and translations and artistic renderings and ballads and poems and plays and alternate universes where these stories are transplanted to new settings and… It’s all there.

There is no first fandom on record because “fandom” is just a modern name for a universal human impulse that dates back to long before the written word. While we may mark milestones in fannish development in different cultures, mostly driven by new technology and social structures and access, we cannot - nor should we try to - define the world’s “first fandom”. We cannot possibly know the first story any human ever told another, and that other then retold. We cannot know the first painting that a human was inspired to imitate or translate into song. That is lost to pre-history.

People have been rewriting myths to suit their personal philosophy or political agenda for aaaages. For example the Roman poet Ovid had a lot of problems with authority, so he retold Greek myths with an anti-authoritrian bend. Medusa went from “a monster with monster sisters” to “human woman who was raped by Poseidon and cursed by Athena because gods are cruel assholes”. When the cult of Aphrodite came to Greece she was worshipped in Sparta as a goddess of Love and War. But in the Iliad she is specifically told “she has no place on the battlefield” because other Greeks found those qualities incompatible in a woman and Homer was making a political statement.

I guess transformative fiction became “cringe-worthy” when women and minorities discovered it for themselves en masse and started using it to tell the stories *they* wanted to hear.


ppl w adhd and autism reblog and add what texture is so awful it haunts your dreams its okay if its incredibly specific ill go first: scratching my nails on a car

Denim. My mom bought me a denim jacket when I was like 4? I straight up told her I’m NEVER wearing fabric like that.