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eminem’s career ended when he tried to humanize ed sheeran

rush limbaugh’s in super hell with lil peep

when you sense your drawing is going to turn out exactly the way you envisioned and then it turns out even better yeah exactly yes this seriously this

added almonds and raw cubed sweet potato to my sweet kale salad because i am better than you

blogs i don’t know that have me blocked make me cum loudly

day 8 of getting clean and my energy is like fucking king kong. i’ve smashed through several hours of work cleaned my entire home spotless and facetimed my close friends. now i’m smoking a cig and enjoying my life my surroundings myself you should try it sometime

good morning coffee and cigarette gang

my new realism piece isn’t turning out how i want it to bye i’m killing myself


said ooh girl.

ppl are like bring back *insert trend that’s lost popularity* girl just wear the goddamn bootcut jeans literally who cares

7 days clean today

for future reference if anybody ever recommends a documentary to me that ever utters the phrases web sleuth or facebook discussion group i will rip your dick off your body fuck it balls too

true crime in media is like we heard your requests for new documentaries centered on globally unsolved true crime cases and we listened! and chose to disregard any that were not jonbenet ramsey

conspiracy theorists never cease to piss me off

what happened to elisa lam has been and will continue to be a heinously horrific example of the shitty bumfucked world we live in yes. but the netflix series on the hotel is just fucking ridiculous. just sat tinhatters down handed them a mic and said yeah bro just say whatever