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I'm Wallace, they/them, 90s bitch. white, queer. feel free to message me, but I block TERFs and other shitlords and that is that I am an adult and this blog has content that reflects that, and may not be appropriate for minors.

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How do movie people even know if a movie is good or not I finish watching a movie and my brain is just like “well that certainly was a movie” and that’s it

The only way my brain knows how to rank movies is:

  1. I had fun watching it
  2. I didn’t have fun watching it

3. I sure watched something



I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call, but robocallers spoofing numbers have rendered unknown phone numbers completely unreliable to answer, and I’m sorry I didn’t see your text, but spoofed numbers sending links with viruses in them have made sms just as bad as (if not worse than) email before good spam filtering

if you want to get in touch please consider sending a courier on horseback or perhaps contacting me through the orb



i’m thinking about how cats hold their babies and how so many mammals also hold their babies and also about how physical touch is a love language

but mostly i’m thinking of this:

learning to feel good about reading a comment and thinking “that’s obnoxious. cosmically speaking, the best thing I can do is give it no space in my brain” and then forget about it forever





One implication of the fact that social media companies go out of their way to stoke hate and conflict is that everyone should probably get in the habit of thinking twice before diving into online controversies, because there’s a very good chance that they’re being deliberately taken out of context, exaggerated, or otherwise framed in an intellectually dishonest fashion

I know the majority of you won’t abide by this advice. But I figured I’d post it anyway.

“telling someone to kiss your ass or get fucked etc is actual sexual harassment making you a sexual predator” was a Tumblr thing for years that people tried to do to me and everyone I know at least once. If someone says someone else is terrible but *doesn’t specify precisely why* it’s usually this kind of thing.

I’ve seen this with TERFs that do “this trans person violated my boundaries” and the violation was replying to an incredibly transphobic post that had something like a ‘males do not interact’ hashtag or some shit like that.
And then there’s “Is a …. apologist”… which… do I even need to explain how much that one gets misused?

Be critical of vague accusations like that, they’re vague for a reason.

generalizations are always bad etc etc but social media content will overwhelmingly not be people asking questions in good faith and looking for a reasoned, well-informed, mutually respectful conversation where you can learn from each other. you can spend hours on facebook replying to people who have no intention of seriously listening to you, and it will feel awful and improve nothing, but that’s user engagement!






We need to sound the alarm within pro-abortion circles for late term termination for medical reasons

If Roe vs. Wade gets overturned, gestational parents are going to die because they don’t have access to TFMR / compassionate induction. They’re going to lose their own parental rights to take their children off of life support due to a terminal condition and/or risk to the gestational parent’s life.

Circulating info about abortion prior to 12 weeks is so so important but abortions requiring a D&E or an induction are still going to be interfered with and we need to talk about it

This Alabama ban wants to ban abortion after 15 weeks. Let’s talk about people whose pregnancies were wanted.

Non-invasive prenatal testing can’t even be performed until 10 weeks gestation, and results can take 10 days- 3+ weeks to return, especially if there’s a low fetal fraction on the first draw, which is common for fetuses that have conditions that are incompatible with life. Invasive prenatal testing like chorionic villus sampling can’t be done until at least 10-12 weeks gestation, and amniocentesis cannot be done until 15-18 weeks gestation. The anatomy scan is generally done between 19-21 weeks. And that’s not even accounting for scheduling waits.

Parents of children with conditions that aren’t compatible with life are given no time to decide, and are now going to be forced to carry their terminally ill children until they are ultimately stillborn; or face hundreds of thousands of dollars in palliative care costs, and that’s if the gestational parent even survives with the risk of carrying a terminal child to full term.

gestational parents aren’t just going to die, there’s already a body count. a woman in poland died of septic shock after her water broke at the 22nd week of pregnancy and the doctors would not perform an abortion or an emergency c-section or induction, because they were afraid of violating the country’s strict abortion ban and being prosecuted. the woman sent text messages to her family, telling them the doctors weren’t doing anything and wouldn’t do anything as long as the fetus’s heart was still beating. she died the next morning.

this was a wanted pregnancy. she had wanted a baby. but she knew something was wrong, she knew and she kept informing medical staff, but they didn’t listen to her because of the possibility of criminal charges. the fetus died and so did its mother. not only that, they lied and informed her husband that she died of pulmonary embolism, blockage in the arteries in the lungs.

I 100% believe it, it’s already happening and you’re right to point that out.

When we underwent compassionate induction with our child, we only had days to decide because of Arizona’s abortion laws. And a few months later, our governor signed into law a ban on abortions for genetic reasons. Our child had Triploidy, a condition that is completely incompatible with life, and our doctor could have been charged for their death, despite attempts at a live birth being made.

It’s also absolutely political because had they done an emergency c-section, that baby and the mother could be alive right now. PPROM isn’t necessarily a death sentence for either party at 22 weeks, being a gestation that can sometimes be resuscitated.

This isn’t about protecting the fetus, it’s all about control over people’s bodies.

A c-section could qualify under this law?

Yes, a c-section can be considered an abortion under this law if it’s the birth method used for a late termination for medical reasons.

Abortions are just cessations of pregnancy, and that encompasses a lot of circumstances. when the gestational parent is in the late 2nd trimester (22+ weeks) or onwards, attempts will be made to resuscitate or give palliative care to the baby, and c-section is the quickest way to do this.

Other circumstances can happen too when people choose TFMR. Sometimes people don’t respond to the medications given to induce labor vaginally when they’re in their second trimester, if the baby is transverse, breech, if the gestational parent/fetus is in immediate distress, or if said parent has had a c-section before.

I blocked + deleted some weird anon spam but the preview is still hanging around in my notifications and it keeps making me laugh every time I see it

“are you a gold star lesbian” no part of that concept is relevant to me!!!



Do u ever finish drawing or making something and youre like. This fucks so severely. I am unstoppable. I could kill and get away with it




job interviews

autism dx confirmed: I can hear my laptop charger

butchfemmeculture: minnie bruce pratt + leslie feinbergbutchfemmeculture: minnie bruce pratt + leslie feinbergbutchfemmeculture: minnie bruce pratt + leslie feinbergbutchfemmeculture: minnie bruce pratt + leslie feinbergbutchfemmeculture: minnie bruce pratt + leslie feinberg


minnie bruce pratt + leslie feinberg

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junkyard-jive:more diamond nuzlocke mon doodles. forbidden baby + water snuppyjunkyard-jive:more diamond nuzlocke mon doodles. forbidden baby + water snuppy


more diamond nuzlocke mon doodles. forbidden baby + water snuppy

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“Where has all the genuine self-expression gone? Now what used to be authentic subculture is turned into a performance of Aesthetic!” so many posts exclaim, usually concluding that the problem is Capitalism.

I don’t disagree entirely, but. The problem is that y'all are so deathly fucking afraid of things Cringe, Weird, and Uncool that anything unmarketable, subversive, or oddball enough to be “genuine subculture” is gross and unacceptable to you.

People wish to see “genuine self expression” that is not a performance or a commodity.

Very well then. I assume you’re appreciating and celebrating the dress, style and behavior of somewhat shabby, weird outcasts who firmly refuse to make themselves palatable to you?

I think some of you are forgetting what “subculture” means. If it makes everybody around you think you are cool and look nice, that’s missing the point a little bit. That’s just…culture!

When people express themselves in a way that is not a performance to appeal to others…

…it is actually very likely that they will…not appeal to you.

“Why can’t people be unapologetically themselves, in a way that is of course never "cringy” or too weird or too ugly or uncool? Why can’t we have self-expression without performance, in a way that is not boring to me and that doesn’t weird me out?“

Do you see the problem?

There are still robust, thriving subcultures full of unique fashion and artistic expression…

"Ah, but you see, that one is personally unappealing to me!”

That’s the Point, you fools!




One thing that helps me calm down about intra-left-wing sniping and the reality that the big center-left coalition inevitably includes a lot of ridiculous nonsense, is to remember how ubiquitous seances were to progressive politics in the 19th century.  Like, e.g., Frederick Douglas had to go to so many seances. Many, many political strategy sessions around the country had to include feedback from the ghost of Moses who spoke to us via morse code.  

Was thinking again today about Frederick Douglas, intellectual giant, having to sit through so many seances without complaint because he believed in coalition building.

#this seance could have been an email(@marnz)

by talos this can’t be happening




I feel like tumblr is giving me a somewhat skewed impression of what breaking bad is about


so much robin hood myth/media is about him accumulating boyfriends untill his polycule is big enough to overthrow the government



The way Birds of Prey’s cinematography went OFF

Looking at this again I’m noticing how it this movie wasn’t afraid of putting things center frame. A lot of people come out of film school thinking the 2/3/golden ratio rule is the only way to compose shots and Marvel movies are especially bad about using that composition technique to draw the audience’s eye away from women’s faces to their boobs. Mad Max Fury Road is famous for the director’s insistence on using center framing to emphasize action


guy who’ll follow you to the ends of the earth even into hell but won’t ride the rollercoasters at the theme park with you

that’s a really ungrateful-sounding way of saying “thanks for holding my phone and snacks” but I know my worth