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skulsakz: maison margiela fall 2006


maison margiela fall 2006

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Party, 1971.

alcoholism is so normalised & embedded in british culture idk the lvl in other countries it’s probably moreso a universal class or mental health thing but we’ve always & still do have the binge drinking culture & it’s to the point where if someone tells me they don’t drink i’m like “huh .. wtf what do you do then” but basically i didn’t put the context clues of miranda becoming an alcoholic in AJLT together until ppl online pointed it out, but tbf she seems extremely high functioning so if you want me to think she’s an alcoholic she needs to act stereotypically drunk lol, maybe she will at some point or maybe they’re making the point of it being a lurking problem you can hide, but her waiting in a bar at 10:45am and bringing her own wine to a recital etc didn’t raise any flags to me at all i was like yeah okay she’s just going about her day. and EVERYONE drank that wine at the recital


i thought this was fucking anthony bourdain & asia argento


Zaina Miuccia by Brent McKeever for GUT magazine issue 6 X-Mas special (2021)

fashion-beepbeep: xuly bet fall/winter 1995


xuly bet fall/winter 1995

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groblin-official:angstytwat:thewindowofthesummerhouse: waldemar kazak bitch ex wife. cant believe




waldemar kazak

bitch ex wife. cant believe she took my orb

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today my mom and i met a colobus monkey at the zoo who posed for pictures and then my mom held out her phone to show him the pictures of himself. he was looking at the phone screen for like a full minute i wish i could like understand what was going on in his head


Tweet by @woodlandbirder: "an old beer bottle in monks wood NNR, used as an anvil to smash open countless snails by countless song thrushes. the bottle may have been used by the birds for more than half a century, it's embossed 'Huntingdon Breweries Ltd', who ceased production in 1954. @NE_WestAnglia" Two photos of an old pitted beer bottle on the ground surrounded by cracked snail shells.

Obsessed with thisactually



blondes this brunettes that meanwhile black haired girls keep slaying silently as they have for 10000000 years

ok i just watched ep 2 of And Just Like That, this last ep felt even more somber which half was the whole point of the storyline but something about it feels so off, like the beats and tones are missing, it feels like too depressing n soulless like there’s not a lot of happy heartfelt moments & the few they do have don’t feel warm n believable enough, like feels unintentionally satirical at some points idk what tone they’re going for?!?!? TO ME it literally feels like it’s a slow burn tension horror where Carrie’s gonna snap and turn against everyone in her life like literally go Carrie (1976) i actually feel on edge in every scene it’s so funny cuz all the trailers n everything we’ve seen has seemed so fun optimistic uplifting and just happy & it’s been..NOTHING OF THE SORT. but as i said i’m not shitting on it and i’m gonna keep watching lmfaoooo i just feel so idk.

NO SPOILERS just watched the first ep of And Just Like That .. so many scenes stressed me OUT and made me uncomfortable LMFAOOOO truly a moving episode but like not in a good way but i still enjoyed it .. but there was a moment watching it where i just felt like “god this whole revival feels so cursed and wrong” i was so excited for its return but after this ep it felt a bit sour, but honestly i’m still 100% down for the ride and looking forward to how the stories pan out .. i hate this current era of tv where they’ll write dialogue like permanently online twitter people giving you a lecture whether it’s to mock woke culture or just be aware of it and exacerbate it so much and using terms you ONLY see online and no one EVER says irl unless it’s to be ironic, it physssssically pains me hearing woke buzzwords and terminology in tv shows it makes me wanna die and this first ep had like . ALL OF IT but that’s just me i’ve got a reaaaaally low tolerance for cringe, my cringe threshold is on the floor

more gems from the ugly betty screenshot folder

queen icon diva legend goddess


it’s so sick and twisted that vanessa williams’ never been cast as a vampire or a witch or any miscellaneous occult mistress of darkness, i know wilhelmina embodies all that but still