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Just a girl who writes stories and dabbles in real life. Also interested in outer space and the ocean. fanfic author: ellie oh
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I don’t think a lot of people understand that no matter how progressive or well-read you are, there are always going to be moments in your life where somebody pushes back against something that’s so culturally ingrained you never even considered it before. And you’ll say “Huh, it never occurred to me to challenge this but you’re right,” and that doesn’t mean you were “morally toxic” before, it means you’re a non-omniscient human capable of growth.

Also, some preferred terms for things will change and evolve, and terms we prefer now might eventually be considered gauche or even offensive, and that doesn’t mean you were a bigot at the time for using them. It means we evolved as a society and chose new terminology to reflect that change.

Nobody is a fully formed realisation of progressivism that can predict all shifts and modes of thought. The world will always change, and hopefully you will, too




i can NOT stop thinking about when c.s. lewis introduced a character by saying “his name, unfortunately, was Eustace Scrubb” like BRUH no need to do him dirty like that you GAVE him that name. tf

You forgot he immediately followed it with “and he almost deserved it.

#clive staples you are throwing bricks in glass houses 


bad at plugging in the charger (alcoholic)


I am an overly emotional unemotional clingy but distant private person who likes to overshare at any moment and I’m still trying to figure out how that works.


i love when mulder or scully have some extended emo ass voiceover bc that’s their fucking report and skinner whos Just Trying to Do His Damn Job has to read pages of their bullshit like. they never solve a damn case but heres three pages meditating on human mortality also mulder cried on it a little


i can never pin down my taste in music because i’m always just


me, before i joined the mcu fandom: bucky and steve are gay

me, after i joined the mcu fandom: BUCKY AND STEVE ARE GAY


i know it’s been said before but no book character will literally ever be as iconic as peeta “if it weren’t for the baby” mellark. like in book 1 when he confesses to having a crush on katniss on live televsion, that’s strategic. he knows he won’t win the games but he can help keep katniss safe and send her home and get district 12 a victor. but in book 2 he’s like “well we’re all gonna die and there’s no stopping the games so i’m just gonna fuck shit up and make every capitol official’s life a living hell for as long as i can” and then he does. nobody is doing it like him


[blows kisses] for the fanfic writers



im a baby. im a wizard. im 1000 years old. im a house wife. im a cautionary tale. im omnipotent. im the devil incarnate . im a renaissance man. im a hermit. im a manic pixie dream girl. im just a guy. im a jester and fool. im a false prophet. im an orb. im a creature. im invincible


the fact that i am constantly saying strange and unpleasant things is just part of my charm


it’s not ‘talking to myself’ it’s called a soliloquy you fuck



Oh hello there, fic idea that I’m gonna fantasize about for days/weeks on end but not write. Nice of you to drop by

sir that’s my emotional support premise


i made a cursed quiz . 

what horror character trope are you?

rb and tag ur results pwease (im the mad scientist!)


so january is almost over huh? what’s next? february? give me a break



i cant even imagine the temptation of living near a hotspot for paranormal investigators. i would be out there EVERY NIGHT fucking with them. that aint a ghost that made you pee yourself its me, the lich of the woods. gonna lay little traps for ya. gonna shake your tent while you’re sleeping. gonna make spooky noises. walk around in the dark with a cloak and a deer skull mask. hack ur little radios and say fucked up scary stuff. it would occupy all my time and thats why i cant live near one of these places. it would be almost too much fun 

you might be thinking that i sound like a scooby doo villain but im not doing this for capitalistic reasons its just fucking hilarious. just for fun. just for the sheer chaos. 

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