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Lucky old man

What are you doing

Miss pantyhose elections.

For those who loves aunt Judy

With or without panties.

See the different. With and without pantyhose. With pantyhose, legs always look better.

I’ve forgotten to put on a skirt, but who’s care

He loves pantyhose

In the fitting room

I put on my pantyhose for you. Do you like it?

Leave me alone I am so tired

Just put on my pantyhose

Strumpfhose auf die Straße

Collants dans de la reu

I love all kinds different colors of pantyhose. Grey is one of my favorites.

Love those legs in fishnets

Why does that guy looking at my legs.

Dresscode of this evening is; wear miniskirt/dress and pantyhose.

Are you come to us in bed? We prommised you a hell off an evening!

Oh oh see wear no panties under her pantyhose