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it’s so funny to me when people come messaging me that “rapists are people”

PSA: theyre not.

theyre not people in the same way that nazis and pedophiles aren’t people.

don’t fucking come to me asking if rapists deserve to live or not, you all already know the answer



there is an already-vulnerable population that you are completely ignoring, and making a judgment about before knowing all the details. people who have lived through rape and abuse are already more likely to face the same in the future, let alone those who are ALSO TRANS.

for further clarity, the already-vulnerable population that people like you are putting at risk are those who have already gone through rape and abuse; you are putting them and new victims at risk for rape in the future by giving rapists room or board, and who are also trans. trans populations are already at risk; “the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey found that 47% of transgender people are sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime” (source).

not to mention, those who have gone through csa (in this case only women were surveyed) are more likely to be raped in the future once they are adults over the age of 18 (CDC source), and you do not know the entire extent of the history of rape in the case you are already making judgments about.

because it’s relevant, and because this is inexcusable, you should know that I am a survivor of csa, and the amount of times I’ve been assaulted as an adult are literally countless.

the kind of call out and warning about rapists that you are protesting prevents further rape of people who would show mercy and bring in rapists, especially those who think rapists are people that they are part of a vulnerable population that need shelter, and invite them into their homes only to be assaulted, which is exactly what happened in my case. I welcomed dyke-of-doom (Natasha) into my home, thinking she just needed a place to stay for a bit, and she not only assaulted me in my own room but was dishonest about the assault to my face for the next six months that she continued to live with me.

so before you say that it’s harmless to think rapists “deserve to live” (to commit more rape), remember that not only do you not know the entirety of the situation, but you are also apologizing for the rapist’s heinous actions.

if you think that they will not go on to harm others, there is a study that states “63.3% of men at one university who self-reported acts qualifying as rape or attempted rape admitted to committing repeat rapes” (Lisak, D., Gardinier, L., Nicksa, S. C., & Cote, A. M. (2010). False allegations of sexual assault: An analysis of ten years of reported cases. Violence Against Women, 16, 1318-1334. doi:10.1177/1077801210387747)

even if you disagree with these numbers, there are reasons for the high percentage of repeat offense, which includes supportive communities who end up condoning or not catching rapists. this kind of nurturing environment will encourage them to seek out others with the same perverted interests, others who will apologize for them as you are doing, and others who will allow them to go on to repeat the same crime of rape.

if you still believe that rapists deserve help from others, you’re helping rapists find potential future victims, and perpetuating rape culture in which the rapist is completely exonerated.

I hope you’re proud of that.