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Hi! I'm Conscy. I'm a goldsmith and a hobbyist artist. My art tag is #conscydraws. He/she/them, RU/ENG. I love Hyper Light Drifter, but right now i'm head deep into The Mandalorian and SW, i also post and reblog other stuff occasionally. Twitter and Instagram: conscydraws, DeviantArt and Pixiv: Conscy, Discord: Conscy#1111
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I have so much work to do and a huge piece of art to draw for a zine, but all those kisses and cuddles i saw yesterday… I can’t hold it in anymore! Had to draw driftguard. Bonk of love ❤️

kariosho: Hello, here to postAlso would anyone be interested if I started doing commissions (slot st


Hello, here to post

Also would anyone be interested if I started doing commissions (slot style)

ko-fi ❤️

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Spent most of the morning(a couple of weeks ago) wondering, if Beheaded can ‘control’ whether or not his flame head actually burns…


(Calamity au) ancient Link is a mellow hearted flower child and I love him for that


As promised, here is the timelapse of my latest drawing.

It was fun trying out this feature and I’m thinking about maybe making more of this kind of videos in the future. Would anyone be interested in this? Please let me know what you think!

I’m taking part in the Hobbit Cookbook fanzine, drawing this huge piece for it. Hopefully will manage to finish it in time. Bilbo is cooking an onion pie, and it’s his sweet little revenge to the dwarves for all the painful experiences of the journey.

It’s Bilbo’s 80 birthday party i guess :))

rrrainbo: On task.(still can’t stop drawing Obi-wan, help)


On task.

(still can’t stop drawing Obi-wan, help)

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fire-bay:spooder famfire-bay:spooder fam


spooder fam

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monkeybirdart: -_- ?