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Cuckold Here - Will chat with anyone

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I had no idea they meowed! It almost sounds adorable

<3 <3 <3

Anywhere, anyway, any hole

I should have to suck his cock and if I don’t suck him really good I stay locked

Just don’t stop, please.

Please Do

Then I lick his cum out of you

I understand, I’ll be eating other men’s cum for the rest of my life as your cuckold

Deal, I’ll gladly suck his cum out of you

I wound up loving it


Alexas morgan

Connecticut Cuckold who loves to chat about everything

I’ll chat with anyone about anything so feel free to hit me up

No, I’ll wait until after I lick you clean

How can I post more adult content and not get them blocked? Feel like I’m flagged.

May need to brainwash my wife to fuck other men again. Need to taste their cum.

Please Cheat

I do and yes it was obvious how much you loved his cock

You got it Mistress, can’t wait to lick you clean

Especially my wife’s thighs

It really is

Fuck him anyway you want

Would you prefer your wife to fuck another guy on your birthday, her birthday or your anniversary?

I beg my wife a few times a week to cuckold me again. Wish she’d just fuck someone again and make me lick her clean. Ugh



I love cleaning up a freshly cooked creampie!!!!!!

Wish they didn’t flag half my posts

I accept, I serve and you fuck