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Unpopular opinion probably but i love suho and jugyeong together and idk why so many ppl hate suho and him with jugyeong. i was excited with ep 8 but i have a feeling they’re gonna do suho’s character dirty like they did in the webtoon (in my opinion) and have him vanish. I just have a feeling he ’s gonna be b team. and while that wouldn’t be the worst bc i love seojun and him and jugyeong have a great dynamic i still kinda want suho and jugyeong to be together. :( idk im just rambling and a lot of ppl will probably disagree with me but that’s just what i think and i cant help it.

i just finished start up today. i hadn’t had time to bc of school and honestly i was kind of dreading watching it bc of how the last few ep were going… 

as messy and unnecessary the middle/last few episodes were (i would definitely change a lot if i wrote it lol) when i tell you i cried and smiled so much the last ep, i really mean it. i just got so emotional the last episode. like they really followed their dream, and found their family again. i loved the scenes with the grandma and her family, with jipyeong, man i cried so much. i love the grandma so much. and i loved how injae came back to her family. i love how samsan tech became successful and how chulsan and saha started dating. so cute. i also loved the scene where jipyeong and dosan shook each other’s hands and then hugged. (yes pls more bro moments). and of course i loved how dosan and dalmi got married and are a boss business couple. they’re gonna rock it. my heart combusted.

overall what a ride.

i should finish dodosolsollalasol now that i have some time, but i watched ep 13 and that rando lady showed up at the end and i hate when they throw in random love interests last second to stir up drama. the preview for ep 14 like what the heck??? so i looked at the summaries for the last couple eps on netflix and WHAT THE FREAK??!!? LIKE YOU TELLING ME JUN DIES???! So I look at tumblr to see if it’s worth finishing bc i hate when happy dramas suddenly turn into depressing dramas, and i guess it’s a fake out but that’s so dumb??? idk if i even wanna finish it tbh.

ok, imma kinda rant a little. i can’t really talk to anyone about start-up so i need somewhere to rant. may or may not delete this post later. 

also if you don’t like do san or him with dalmi then just ignore this post. (rant below)

ok i keep seeing comments of people saying that it would be a cliche if dalmi ended up with do san because he’s the first male lead. and ??? i don’t get how that would be a cliche??? just bc he’s the first lead?

imo it would be less of a cliche if she ended up with do san. do san is not your typical kdrama male lead. he’s a tech geek, pretty awkward around people until you get to know him, really insecure and unsure of himself, and pretty quirky. he’s really soft and even knits!! i’ve truly never seen a male lead quite like him. (feel free to tell me if there are other male leads similar to him! i would love to see that!!) it’s really refreshing for me to see this, bc most of the male leads i’ve seen are almost opposite of him. (not that i don’t like those characters either.)

jipyeong from what i’ve noticed, is more of the typical kdrama male lead type. (not saying this is bad, just similar to other characters i’ve seen (and love!)) he’s more confident of himself, is successful and talented, well-off, etc. He tells people the truth (most of the time, haha), even if it hurts. etc etc etc. He isn’t boring or exactly like other male leads, just saying his character traits are more similar than do san’s are to typical male leads. 

jipyeong and dalmi were pen pals, and each other’s first loves. jipyeong didn’t know he loved her until more recently, but i’m assuming he’s never loved anyone before her so the fact still stands. they wrote each other letters and connected. imo this seems more “cliche” for them to end up together since they have history with each other already (especially from childhood). i’ve seen so many kdramas and other shows where the main character ends up with their childhood friend (or someone they knew in childhood). 

so in my opinion it would be less “cliche” for her to end up with do san, whom she didn’t know until recently. he got roped into this mess, and developed a bond with her (yes, through a lie, but so did jipyeong). but again this is just my opinion. other people can have their own opinions, but i just don’t understand how it would be cliche if she ended up with do san just because he’s labeled as the “male lead”.

and in all honesty, at this point isn’t everything a cliche? there have been so many stories that have been written at this point in time, that there’s not really anything that hasn’t been done. 

what the flip was that episode??? what is even happening??? the wedding??? better be a fake out bc what the heck??? also why include some random lady that “found” jun in the next episodes?? there’s only a couple of episodes left so like why include another (past???) love interest (maybe??? hope im wrong but probably not…) 

why does everyone hate do san?? he’s such a precious cinnamon roll?? i don’t understand.

kooksv:(200929) taehyung - idol @ jimmy fallonkooksv:(200929) taehyung - idol @ jimmy fallonkooksv:(200929) taehyung - idol @ jimmy fallonkooksv:(200929) taehyung - idol @ jimmy fallon


(200929) taehyung - idol @ jimmy fallon

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d y n a m i t e

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