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Joe Biden is literally like a Golden Retriever puppy.

date of origin: 22nd of january, 2013.

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i know people are calling picrews cringe and all but i can not hate the simple joy of making and dressing up a little cartoon person and then looking at it and going “it’s me! :D”


Love Wins! I Am Sleeping With Your Wife


Mutuals please be aware I am walking between your desks and dropping lolly pops and small cards in your cardboard mailboxes as I go around



abusive parents will be like ‘you’re tough you can take it’ when they wanna abuse you, but if you wanna build your own life and get independent then its ‘nooo you’re not strong enough for that you’ll die’ so they’re teaching you that taking abuse is the only thing you’re ever good for and when you can’t take any more you’re worthless

it’s funny becaue they go “this is how the real world is” and then say you can’t handle the real world

great logic there, truly shows that cruelty is the sole and true motivation for everything they do



Hehe I have no power or water

I don’t really want to give my exact location out but I am being directly affected by the texas iceout or whatever they’re calling it and we don’t have any heat, water, and only a little bit of edible food because our power is out and our fridge fucked up

If anyone can slide me a few bucks to walk 2 Kroger to get some water bottles or granola bars I’ll be forever in ur debt (and by that I mean I can do a commission or something for u after we get power again if u want just lmk)


stopppp everyone absolutely needs to see this


“what’s your dad’s hyperfixation?” “what’s your mom’s hyperfixation?” what about yall stop using terms that are specific to neurodivergency and just say interest like normal people. ur p*rents can have interests, it’s okay. not everything is a hyperfixation just bc ppl r into something that yall arent. please.



ok but how many times does miss megan have to talk about being attracted to women/being bisexual before y’all start adding her to your lists of lgbt/wlw artists..

ppl like t*ylor swiffer can stand next to another woman and get labeled as “wlw icons!!” but everything Meg says gets passed off as a joke not worth being taken serious ..? curious.


ur internet name is [first name] + “[discord name]” + [tumblr url]

i’m seth “glass” glassandeyes



if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now


dont use those tone indicators with me young man




dialectics is when there is two of something

dialectics is when there is two of something


i think its very cool that you can imagine things in your head i dont know wwhat i would do with my time if i couldnt do that




it’s a sensitive subject, but of course as long as you’re respectful

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slimegargoyle:the richard ramirez documentary has many flaws but I’m obsessed with this woman and he


the richard ramirez documentary has many flaws but I’m obsessed with this woman and her take on serial killer groupies 

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