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You’ll find my NSFW Blog over on BDSMLR, under “this-is-your-new-master”

Absolutely !! To give control to your DOM !!

Yes give me control kitten


Please let me gag on your cock while you call me a good girl and give me headpats <3

Come here kitten come be daddy’s good girl

Best view to see her cum all ova the di k

Best view to see her cum all ova the di k

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Love hearing her beg for it

Love hearing her beg for it

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just wanna be held down having my guts rearranged

Come here let me do it




Mmmm she shimmied and wiggled her hips as he pulled her panties off her. Making Him groaned as he brought them to his nose inhaling her sweet aromas. Fuck baby, as he lick the crotch tasting her , you’re so wet already dripping in your panties. She nodded, I’ve been wanting you all day.

He pushed her legs apart where she stood, she obliged willingly as his hand slid up her inner thigh. She shivered at the touch of his fingers upon her skin. Up his hand travelled, up to her dripping folds. Damn baby as his fingers parted her, her juices silky smooth on them. He parted her further as his thumb rolled over her hard clit. Mmmmm he sighed as he worked his thumb back and forth. His fingers sliding inside her, and she squeezed her legs together in excitement. Trembling.

He brought his wet hand to his mouth tasting her sweet essence, licking and sucking them his tongue tingled at her taste, her smell, she could see his cock straining for release from his pants and a broad smile spread across her face at his evident excitement.

Inserting his fingers back inside her and thrusting upwards she wiggled and pressed down on his hand, wantonly. His thumb pressing again on her clit as he thrusted, her breath ragged and short she was close, so close, he knew her body so well and the responses she gave him.

Withdrawing just before she came, she cried out. His reply a not yet baby girl the night is just getting underway. Not yet …….

Pulling away he stood and she pulled his zipper down freeing him, his tip wet and oozing she knew his desire was going to consume her tonight. Eyes wide at the sight of him, his words so sexy in her ears, I want your little mouth on my cock. She turned squatting, taking his hardness in her hands and her mouth. His head rolled back as she swallowed him, her tongue flat on his shaft down to his balls , she inhaled him……….

Working up and down his rigid cock sucking his balls. She loved having him in her mouth, his musky smell his salty precum. He was her aphrodisiac.

She devoured him voraciously, his increased groans driving her mind even wilder with lust for him.

When he couldnt take much more he pulled her up and kissed her deeply, her wet mouth full of his taste, he probed her tongue tasting their lust. He reached his hand between her legs, she was dripping and running down her thighs. Mmmmm baby girl you’re so wet so horny……….

Swooping her up in his arms he carried her to the bedroom. Stripping her remaining clothing off with urgency he threw her on the bed. Then peeling his own off quickly, he stood admiring her naked body laying before him. She was writhing, eager for his touch, his hands upon her flesh.

He started at her feet, nibbling and sucking her toes as her hips rolled back and forth. Not yet baby he told her. Slowly, methodically he worked his way up her legs, her thighs, her squeals making his cock throb harder. He kissed and bit her inner thighs each response, ecstasy, making her grab the sheets pulling, her groans quickening as the pain of each bite was followed by the wet caresses of his tongue. Her body was on fire, and she trembled uncontrollably.

He inhaled her sex, the aroma of her lust, her love overflowing. Mmmmm he hummed as his tongue flat upon her folds licked up her slit. He shivered as her taste danced on his tongue, he parted her on the second lick and she flooded his mouth with her essense. Powerful, flavorable, he had to have more of her.

He licked and bit her folds as she writhed on the bed her hands still grasping the sheets. His tongue rolling over her clit back and forth, up and down , with each lick it became more engorged and she purred at each pass.

He devoured her completely, as she begged for release, his muffled words not yet as He brought her time and time again to almost, only to deny her.

Her mind racing, her head pushed into the mattress, her back arched, she begged repeatedly, only for him to stop and let her rebound, as his breath blowing on her swollen pussy and clit kept her senses heightened.

She was delirious as once more he licked and bit, sucked and kissed, his tongue played her body like a beautiful instrument as his hands searched her tuning each movement. Her groans deepened with each pass of his mouth.

The music in her mind overpowering, then, he slid one, two fingers into her tight pussy as his tongue continued to massaged her clit, her eyes rolling as his fingers curled and pulled inside her.




She pleaded for release

His eyes locked with hers and he nodded, As he thrusted his fingers deep inside her. Permission was given.

Her orgasm began deep and powerful inside her, her body convulsed and shook violently, as she flooded his face with her cum.

He kept on, not stopping, relentless.

She came and came, over and over in waves and spasms. Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk she cried out as he drained her completely, her body spent, wet with perspiration glistening.

He rose up over her, his hand stroking his wet shaft , as he exploded in wave after wave of cum splashing across her body.

She smiled as her hands rubbed his cum over her sweaty drenched skin, so much cum she sighed as she licked her fingers.

He fell beside her on the bed wrapping her in his arms, she felt so safe, so loved……. and the night was still young…………..








Somehow it got around the neighborhood that on a girl’s 18th birthday I’ll pop their cherry.

My only complaint is they’re always coming back, sometimes when my wife is home.




Do you own any buttplugs?

She said she ran into an ex at the party, but it wasn’t too weird or anything.




After two and a half years in a relationship with a boyfriend who has a 5 inch cock, she finally gave in and listened to her girlfriend’s advice. And she cheated. But it had to be with a guy who had a big cock. Otherwise what’s the point

He did not disappoint.



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