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We’re a system of idk how many, host is Evan and he frequents front a lot; any yearning is his, be respectful; Aspec people deserve fucking rights; Disabled people deserve fucking rights; BLACK LIVES MATTER isn’t just a trend; Justice for Breonna Taylor

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its so weird how many twitter and instagram accounts are just like. reposts of my treasured mutuals here on tumblr dot com to their 10k followers accumulated for Literally Just Stolen Jokes its not that deep and whatever but CMON its such a weirdly specific flavor of clout chasing……if you enjoy the circus then put on your goddamn size 32 polka dotted shoes and get in here. you are not too good to clown around!! stop selling bootleg tickets to the carnival!!!!!


i like to think that our blogs are just our own little personal museums of all the things we like, and we can visit each other’s museums and leave nice notes at the reception.


When your favourite ship is so rare that you were the one that named it. And the fandom may or may not go along with the name because so few people make content of it and you’re gonna have to promote the name via making content cause fight me-

fluffygif:Fluffy kitty by rover_thecatfluffygif:Fluffy kitty by rover_thecat



listen i’m so here for they/them pronouns but if a trans man uses he/him and you call him they because calling him he makes you uncomfortable, ur transphobic 

same absolutely goes for trans women, as well.

thecollectibles:“Romance” - paintings by Ron Hicksthecollectibles:“Romance” - paintings by Ron Hicksthecollectibles:“Romance” - paintings by Ron Hicksthecollectibles:“Romance” - paintings by Ron Hicksthecollectibles:“Romance” - paintings by Ron Hicksthecollectibles:“Romance” - paintings by Ron Hicks


“Romance” - paintings by Ron Hicks

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Friend: I just thought you might like my art-



We all know that Jedediah quotes Brokeback Mountain in the first movie, which implies he’s seen it. (So Cecil, Gus, and Reginald would have, at some point, played movies for the inhabitants of the museum.) And that therefore means that there is a good chance that Octavius had seen Brokeback Mountain as well, which then means that Jedediah saying ‘I ain’t quittin’ you!’ could be interpreted even more as him confessing his feelings for Octavius.

30-minute-memes:Lol, i accidentally woke up


Lol, i accidentally woke up

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The ides of March is coming up what’s everyone getting me?

i never understood how we’ve reinvented heiroglyphics until now


of course Mickey chased him down the block after the kiss, but he kept the valentine’s and thought about it for the rest of his life. Happy Valentine’s everyone, I thought I’d be early for once!



Trans Jewish people are so lovely and deserving of love. You have futures, you deserve love and kindness, you are worthy of respect and good things. It’ll be alright and you will find peace.

yeah!! love my sister forever




Can you believe we can just live in our houses with little animals

I can pick one up and kiss it any time you can just smooch them

i want to smoochthislittle animal but he is so full of teeth