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did,,,did minkowski really just,,,kill hilbert,,,girlie has gone crazy


Comfort character that I only draw when I’m having a style crisis ✌️I’m VERY scared for him


Annabelle, in MAG 196, about the tape recorders: Oh, Martin… you have no idea who’s listening, do you?

We, the audience, who have been listening in through the tapes the entire podcast:

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hello! aspec people out there i am having a Dilemma™️! i have been talking to someone from my city on a dating app for a few days now and it seems to be going really well. however, they are not asexual and i usually like to tell people pretty soon after we start talking just because i dont want to get into a relationship with them or smth and then have it broken off because my aceness is a dealbreaker for them.

so basically, i said im currently idenfitying as biromantic asexual BUT ive never been in a serious relationship before so the asexual may change to demisexual after ive had that experience. but idk yet. im very nervous about the whole situation and partially regretting telling them because i do really want to get to know this person better. their response was definitely kinder and more (meaning that i usually get ghosted immediately after i explain what asexuality is) than i expected, but they said it gives them a lot to think about as they do enjoy sex, but it shouldnt be the first or only element to a relationship.

i just dont know what to do!! i almost feel ashamed that im already falling below this person’s expectations because idk if i will ever want to have sex. but if theyre okay with me not knowing and things go well but after awhile i still dont feel the want or need to have sex and that doesnt work for them, why would i put myself through that inevitable heartbreak? part of me wants to have the relationship experience, but another, bigger part wants to run even though they havent yet said that it wont work out.

does anyone have any experience with this kind of stuff? if so, how did you handle it? i think hearing and seeing how other aspec people handle these situations will really help me figure it all out

why cant anything go right for doug

ah yes the magnus archives fandom, where you can have online discussions about skin and no one bats an eye


People reblogging this with “All three″ are valid AND POWERFUL AS FUCK



hey if we could stop doubting the identities of young aro/ace people just because they’re young (and in general) that’d be great

also if for whatever reason those people decide later in life that they’re not aro/ace that doesn’t mean they were just naive nor does it make their past identity any less valid thank you for your time

eyeler: i hope rita is having such a good day i love her so much :)))eyeler: i hope rita is having such a good day i love her so much :)))


i hope rita is having such a good day i love her so much :)))

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some various jons. he is just sitting there. being bi.


Juno: Fuck capitalism. It’s a rigged system that keeps us poor and it isn’t fair. You shouldn’t need to work three jobs to afford basic necessities.

Nureyev, playing Monopoly: Sorry, if you wanted to win you should have tried not being poor.

i just learned that a panopticon is a real thing, not just a site for the centre of the world’s doom made up by Jonny Sims



i think ace and aro people should be allowed to talk about their feelings about sex and romance, and how the fact that they’re so pervasive in our society has affected them, without having to baby everything down and wrap every statement in reassurances for allos

oh i also think we should be allowed to make fun jokes about our orientation without getting harassed for it


Giving up and focusing on Juno Steel, our canonic bi queen I love him


It’s the way Juno Steel uses he/him pronouns and is also a self-described lady for me