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Woman is not a feeling

I used to be Au-Reviour-Soleil but a TRA got my acc shut down when I exposed his pedo past. 16//Radfem
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Men aren’t going to care that you’re self aware and “empowered”, they will just think that if you’re okay with objectifying yourself they are also justified in continuing to do it.

I guess if you just say a selection of buzz-words and string them into a sentence it can make anything suddenly liberating and eMpoWeRinG.

Embracing everything patriarchy wants you to embrace does absolutely nothing for feminism or for women. If you decide to do it, I can’t stop you, but don’t dress it up as some quasi-liberal, ‘woke’, politically conscious action, because it is a complete contradiction.

This is what happens when capitalism, consumerism, misogyny and individualism meets liberal feminism and fuses together to churn out this incoherent and meaningless choice feminism that reverses previous progress, impedes any sort of material future progress and makes disillusioned western women not care to the point of embracing it all.

You know what men will do?? They will see another young woman over sexualizing herself, dressed like a stripper, and they will be so happy to see that. They will be glad to see that women still spend so much money and time to look “hot” to them. You’re only doing them a favour. That’s all. I guarantee that no man seeing you like this will care at all about your “I’m so empowered by my mascara and fake nails” bullshit. Dress as you want, act however you want, but it’s not feminist at all to play the “bimbo”. Bimbofication is an insult to all women. It doesn’t help us at all. It’s only reinforcing patriarchal stereotypes.

shes-the-original: thehappybroadcast: A recently released study finally tests the idea that women he



A recently released study finally tests the idea that women heads of state (Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland…) have excelled at handling the coronavirus crisis. The research, conducted by two economists at UK universities, suggests this phenomenon is more than just anecdote.

In an effort to isolate the specific effect of having a female leader, they compared female-led countries to male-led countries that are similar in population, geography, gender equality, health expenditures, and number of tourists. No matter how they sliced the data, female-led countries fared better.

Experts claim that female leaders are humble, that they welcome diverse viewpoints, that they’re less constrained by traditional trappings of leadership, that they are more accepting of science, and more hands-on.

The success of these and other women-led governments in dealing with a global pandemic is all the more noteworthy, given that women make up less than 7% of world leaders.

It is long past time for us to recognize that the world is in dire need of more women leaders and equal representation of women at all levels of politics.

Source: Quartz

All that “women are too emotional to lead” stuff was made up when there were no women world leaders based off of beliefs with no proof. Now that we do have proof, they have nothing left but sexism.

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I think what pisses me off about TRA/ the whole gender critical debate is that….. this isn’t even what feminism is about. This isn’t even the most important goal of feminism YET it’s the one we spend the most time talking about.

Saying “this is a woman” is such a low bar, idek if that counts as feminism. And yet. It’s a debate we MUST have because there are so many people who deny how our oppression is rooted in our physical bodies. And that just makes me so angry because time and energy that could be spent on making actual progress is now diverted into making sure we can still just say the word “woman”.




And the comments are exactly what you guessed them to be, all attacking her :)

So basically she got misgendered, corrected people, but people are reacting badly about that I wonder what’s different from the usual

Trans woman: stop calling me he! Look at how I dress! I’m clearly a woman!

Liberals: so sorry queen

Woman: says the same thing except replaces clothing choice with body she’s born with

Liberals: fuck you



Out of necessity, I set 3 subjects “off-limits” with my father:

1. Do not comment on my food(/what I eat)

2. Do not comment on my clothes(/what I wear)

3. Do not comment on my body(/what I look like)

Men should not be making comments about any women’s appearance or meal habits ever. Even if it’s a compliment. Their disapprovals AND approvals condition us into internalizing the male gaze. Compulsory femininity is the control tactic. 

Chart of operant conditioning/behaviorism:


 Femininity has been used against us to exclude us from positions of power, exploit us for labor, sell us things we dont need, make us hate each other, etc., etc. Men;s opinions of us dont matter. Loving ourselves is political power.

I have not considered setting such basic boundaries before. Not “Be nice with your comments.” Not “be respectful.” Just “Don’t do it at all, because your opinion doesn’t matter on these subjects.”

This is really interesting, thank you for this!





not to be That Bitch but it really is insidious that the construction of the concept of “granny panties” has made women self conscious about their freaking underwear of all things (meant to be worn underneath your clothes and not be seen most of the time!!!) to the point where women sacrifice comfort to wear a gstring or cheeky hipster or whatever crap the industry comes up with all so that women can be constantly maintaining not just a pleasing outward appearance but a ~sexy~ state of mind

PSA thongs are likely bad for you health. They’re linked to an increase in UTI risk, vaginal infections, and your genitals chafing. Women are being socially pressured into wearing underwear that’s bad for their health because god forbid women ever wear underwear or any article of clothing that’s not sexually appealing

Yes, but Briefs are still hideous. Bikini cut exists.

Says who? Why do you think briefs are hideous? Why is covering your ass and not having any part of your ass hanging out hideous? Almost all men’s underwear covers their ass, does that make all men’s underwear hideous and if it does do you think men notice or care? Why are only women noticing or caring if their ass covering underwear is “hideous”? Do you think we’re born this way, that little baby girls pop out of the womb thinking underwear that covers their whole ass is hideous but baby boys pop out not caring and feeling just fine with having their whole ass covered, or do you think maybe they learn that from somewhere?




I’ve never understood the “if we let trans women in the women’s bathroom, they’ll just creep on our family and get away with it ” no. No they won’t. If someone wants to watch you pee in a women’s restroom, they’ll do it, no matter what the law says. Like if someone is gonna film your wife in the bathroom, they’ll do it no matter what the law says because they’re already commuting a crime. It won’t make it easier, because it’s already easy. It’s a crime for actual trans people to do that too. Anyone could walk into a bathroom with a phone and slide is under a stall, even a cis women in the woman bathroom. So, using your logic, we shouldn’t let anyone use public bathrooms. You wanted an excuse to be transphobic, that’s it.

I don’t think people understand that if it’s illegal for males to go in female bathrooms in the first place, the very act of going in could get them in trouble. self id and no laws in place to protect women would mean men can go in without repurcussion/nobody can tell them to leave the bathroom. we have separate bathrooms for a reason

“look, you’re going to be violated anyway, no matter what. might as well not be so mean and exclusionary about it, you piece of shit.”








Tumblr is fucking stupid because a lot of y’all think that white people invented sexism and taught it to men of colour. Lol right okay black and brown women have been treated like shit waaaayy before Cracker Von Patriarch III came along and handed out smallpox and Bibles

Bruh the Incas literally sacrifice female virgins to the suns. I hate you wokies so bad

bruhrape cases had a 27% rise in japanandFGM (which has affected more than 200 million girls, and 3 million more over year) is practiced mainly in africa and asia, but sure, white men are the only misogynists. misogyny is worldwide, fucking pigs.

Also, according to some sources, female genital mutilation in Africa goes back to ancient goddamn Egypt.

The white man did not fucking invent misogyny. Men’s hatred of women precedes Colonial Europe by thousands of years.

When White Europeans were still warring with other tribes and Vikings were raiding coastal cities, Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and India, with their advanced writing systems, technology, and sophisticated laws, governments, and ways of living, were abusing women and treating them as inferior, and had been since the dawn of their civilizations.

Unless Cracker Von Patriarch somehow time traveled to the beginning of time and influenced these African and Asian civilizations, shut the fuck up.

Misogyny is a male invention. Not a white one. And it is, arguably, the oldest form of systemic oppression.

@nagatouzu there is no civilization on earth that has ever worshipped and respected women.


y’all are fucking bullshit acting like misogyny is caused by race, it’s the oppression of women by men and it has ALWAYS been this way

In middle East there were laws allowing a man to break woman’s teeth if she interrupted him, thousands of years before Christ. Not everything is white straight cis able-bodied men’s fault. Sometimes it’s just men

Mesoamerica (Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, etc) was completely cut off from the rest of the world until the 16th century (when they were colonized by the Spanish), and guess what? They STILL treated the female population as inferior and assigned strict gender roles to the sexes, longbefore Europeans arrived!

Female oppression is a MALE creation. It has NOTHING to do with race.


I hate how in the Cruellatrailer she’s all “people try to hold me down… I am woman…. hear me roar……” as though people are opposing her for misogynistic reasons and not because her primary motivation is SKINNING PUPPIES? 


boss dropped out of the zoom meeting cause his cat has learned how to unplug the desktop computer when he’s hungry


ur not evil babe ur experiencing a human emotion


A man runs into a bank, pulls out a gun and robs the teller. He then turns the gun on the on the first man standing in the tellers line and asks, “Did you see me rob this bank?”

The man stammered, “Yes.”

Bang!  The robber shoots him.

He then turns the gun on the married couple next in line, points the gun at the wife and demands, “Did you see me rob this bank?” The wife quickly responds, “No….but my husband did!”





i’m sorry can anyone explain how this is “white feminism” and not just like, one specific white lady being a reckless moron

it’s because saying “feminazi” is a no-no these days so they replaced it with “white feminist”

i don’t care enough to look this up myself but did she like say she was doing this for feminism or do we just attribute every decision a woman makes to feminism now

nope, absolutely no mention of feminism. she just believes that the virus is a respiratory flu and that the government is taking advantage of it to become more strict. but do these dumbasses truly feel alive unless they constantly growl at women/feminism?

Oh sorry, it’s my fault that ADULTS told me that thought I was trans and helped me “become trans” only instil me with a deep hatred of my body to the extent that I wanted to mutilate the parts of my that made me female. I was just confused and the fact this grooming and self hatred and sickness regarding the female body just coincided with the time I was surrounded by afab trans kids and amab trans adults was a coincidence ig…

This is what these people are doing to girls and I will never support a movement that does this and attempts to justify it with… with what? How the fuck do they justify it? As far as I can tell they don’t justify it, they just scream “terf!!!” and nobody is ever actually held accountable.

Oh sorry, it’s my fault that ADULTS told me that thought I was trans and helped me “become trans” only instil me with a deep hatred of my body to the extent that I wanted to mutilate the parts of my that made me female. I was just confused and the fact this grooming and self hatred and sickness regarding the female body just coincided with the time I was surrounded by afab trans kids and amab trans adults was a coincidence ig…

This is what these people are doing to girls and I will never support a movement that does this and attempts to justify it with… with what? How the fuck do they justify it? As far as I can tell they don’t justify it, they just scream “terf!!!” and nobody is ever actually held accountable.



Radical feminism is the only one that makes SENSE to me. It’s the only one that doesn’t run to kiss men’s feet. And THAT’s why it’s the most hated kind!

It isn’t about making patriarchy more bearable, or making it more inclusive, or convincing women that patriarchy is enjoyable or catering to men’s wishes or opinions. 

Liberation of women from the patriarchy. States the problem, the solution and the subject. Radical feminism.





real power is going outside knowing you look ugly and also knowing that if you chose to perform femininity in accordance with patriarchal standards you could look attractive, but genuinely prefering to look ugly and not feeling bad about it. feels good feels organic

True, honest, genuine power is going outside knowing you look gorgeous bc you don’t need to perform hyper femininity the way men want you to and that you can be stunning despite patriarchal ideals

i appreciate the intent but i actually made this post in direct response to the liberal feminist tendency to widen the parameters of “beauty” rather than challenging the concept itself and specifically the notion that women must be beautiful to be valuable, and as such my choice of words was very deliberate—i have no interest in being assured i am beautiful and a great deal of interest in existing without being told i must be such. this post is not self-deprecating and does not call for bathroom-stall platitudes. ugliness in women is threatening and i embrace that.

“I have no interest in being assured I am beautiful and a great deal of interest in existing without being told I must be such.”





Men don’t understand that saying “[this franchise] now has a/an additional female main character? Another studio caving in to the feminist agenda” is actually a perfect example of why feminism is still needed because women are consideredso unequal that their mere acknowledgement of existence in media is considered an “agenda” instead of just a normal thing (like a male lead is). 

This is messy, but:

“If there’s 17 percent women, the men in the group think it’s 50-50,” she told NPR. “And if there’s 33 percent women, the men perceive that as there being more women in the room than men.” 

“Despite the widespread belief that women talk more than men, most of the available evidence suggests just the opposite. When women and men are together, it is the men who talk most. [In] sixty-three studies [w]omen talked more than men in only two studies.” Which is to say, men talked more than women in sixty-one studies. “… in one hundred public seminars. In [ninety-three], men dominated the discussion time“ “men asked almost two-thirds of the questions during the discussion”  “ In a wide range of communities, from kindergarten through primary, secondary and tertiary education, the same pattern recurs – males dominate classroom talk.“ etc. etc. etc.

Here’s a quote from another Tumblr post with more on the subject:

The talkativeness of women has been gauged in comparison not with men but with silence. Women have not been judged on the grounds of whether they talk more than men, but of whether they talk more than silent women.

You know what’s interesting? I didn’t mean to go in this direction, but that post also has some numbers:

… men perceived the discussion as being “equal” when women talked only 15% of the time, and the discussion as being dominated by women if they talked only 30% of the time.

Isn’t that neat?

  • 15% & 17% = fair female presence
  • 30% & 33% = raging ocean of moonblood

Isn’t that neat.

I wonder if there’s more data out there like that?

And I wonder if that shows up in stories?

Like, one female character in five, that’s 20%. That’s a LOT of UNMALE! That’s just slightly more than EQUAL - hence men’s FAIR and JUST upset at the inclusion of even one woman in A N Y T H I N G .

Two in five? That “additional female character”? That’s 40%! That’s like ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY MANPERCENTofunman in a group of men! That’s OUTRAGEOUS.


Women’sexistence is too much for men.

That’s how JOHNSON’S® Baby Soft the male ego is.

Women exist, and men can’t even.

Men can’t anything. Cuz they’re defective and they suck.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Fuck men