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steven universe thought

okay, so you know how pearl was killed(pooped) by being thrusted with her own weapon? Well, I was thinking like.. what if she took so long because of how she was poofed? Pink / Rose went out the same way, with her own weapon too. And, I get you can argue it just takes a while. But, Amethyst is disfigured and took a bit of like 2 days I think and was fine after. So, maybe that’s why? I don’t know. Just a thought.

me when anything inconvenient has happened

me when anything inconvenient has happened

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soz i’ve been inactive

when u see the good zucc bucc

when u see the good zucc bucc

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im pretty gay

oh shoot i haven’t been on

i won’t get to see the next andi mack episode tmrw, i think there’s one but idk and im really sad and i know tumblr’s gonna be the place to spoil it but i spend most of my time on here >:[

i am a true queen

im so stressed so im just yikes, yknow?

Give me some idea, I need stuff to write and I can’t write without an idea so give me all that you have.

Okay so I liked a lo of things, Jonah experienced something a cool, popular, normal teenage kid wouldn’t. I like that they exploit that. And hunny when I heard a friend is what T.J. needed, I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s Buffy. She’s a good person yes but she’s upset with him. And they can become friends but she’s also the only person who knows, and I loved that they looked at the Jewish religion which no one knows about really, myself I didn’t so yeah. I’m sad to hear that Buffy is moving with all of her attitude going to be moved on the globe. Also that fortune teller, I love her to death tbh, I love her actor and everything, and I think she’ll lead more to a climax in the story of Andi Mack. I’m glad that T.J. isn’t cold hearted and helped out mi boi Jonah in his panic attack, and he also knew that Cyrus’ parents was helpful in the situation so he obviously talked to Jonah or got to meet them at some point. I’m just rambling now but I loved this episode in all and my two gals breakin’ it down on the dance floor was the BOMB. I ALSO LOVED WHAT BOWIE WROTE AND HOW CUTE IT WAS. I also liked the little hand slide Jonah did, that was cute as heckles. Also walker is cool but i think he’d just be a good friend in the good hair crew.

i am extremely anGERy that there was no tyrus tonight. But, I will keep my self control and not attack anyone.


oh sure sure, join me~

i want people on my tumblr oops cuz i love to just be active

Okay so jock guy decided today I had a secret, which me being bi isn’t a secret actually. I’m open but I think he tried to get me to say I have a secret?? I don’t know it’s a game now but meh, funny as heckles.



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deku is smoldeku is gooddeku must be protecteddeku is godD.D.D.D

deku is smol

deku is good

deku must be protected

deku is god

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Okay so I like tyrus a lot. It isn’t that hard to see that T.J. is someone whose kind and just hides it and is angered at Buffy for probably just being good, but the way he was so playful and smiled my heart just like killed itself basically. And like maybe it won’t since parents complain but they should listen more to the fanbase it’s better than listening to those good christian suburb parents.

So basically this jock dude that I sit next to in social studies tried to figure out if I was gay or not.. but the best thing was is that he tried to do it slyly. He didn’t get an answer but I said “I wonder what goes through your mind” and he said “What goes through your mind?” and I said school and he’s like “do any girls?” and I’m like “No i only focus on school” and I”m pretty sure he thinks i’m gay now; but, moral of the story, I’m bi.

So.. you know the two dialetcs, British-English and just American English. So like you put a u after the o or you just replace o with u, like mum or colour; so I was wondering then for British-English it would be drunk, yes? So then for American English wouldn’t it be dronk?? Does that work?