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I'll just post my art here, thanks (and my memes)

Progressive and now openly non-binary; I may be ace but I fawn over Good Omens, Dr. Who, Star Trek, and the MCU too.
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Here’s an Agatha template for anyone who wants to meme her. You should be able to screenshot it.

I’m really hoping for Strange to show up soon since Wanda and Agatha have been dinking around with reality.

I knew Loki survived, but actually watching him grab the Tesseract and vanish was hilarious.

I made this while finally watching “Endgame” for the first time–like hell I was going to watch it in 2020. I’m not even a third of the way through and I already feel like crying.

My “Running Joker” memes from 2019.

A 2020 meme I made around June, wondering with a hint of despair if we were ever going to make it through the year. Sandwiches are still a thing.

A 2020 meme. I stumbled across a picture of Trump that reminded me of Sad Batman.

An older meme from March 2020 when people went out and created a toilet paper shortage.

Made in 2019 after a loser came and shot up a Walmart in my home city of El Paso, and people laughably began blaming video games instead of what had really radicalized his sorry ass.

I seriously wonder if most of the people who seek government posts do it because they were already assholes looking to do even more assholish things. Most recently, Texas politicians for their negligence that led up to the humanitarian crisis happening here, Governor Cuomo (for covering up nursing home COVID deaths and threatening the job of someone who wanted to–and did, maybe?–blow the whistle), and even Mayor Lori Lightfoot (who apparently gave a bunch of COVID relief money to local law enforcement instead).

Was digging through my older memes and found this “Galaxy Quest” one I made around May (I think…?) of last year.

Kathryn Hahn has played two Marvel villains so far: Dr. Olivia Octavius in “Into the Spiderverse” and Agatha Harkness in “WandaVision”.

Did anyone else watch Perseverance land?

It’s insane how many possibilities they have to calculate for.

I’ve never watched a Mars rover touch down before and I’m quite excited to witness this.

So strangely enough, I enjoy reading erotica despite being asexual, which presents in me as having…urges maybe five times a year (which is honestly irritating to me) and not having sexual desire for anyone. I have crushes on celebrities and characters like everybody else but it’s mostly because I find them intelligent and they fit my ideal of what is attractive. The thought of having sex with anyone, even my significant other, makes me experience nausea.

What appears to be my not-so-beloved state senator Ted Cruz “Clark Kenting” it with glasses for a flight to Cancún with his wife Heidi. During a historical natural disaster happening during a historical pandemic in the state he represents.

Confirmation: it’s totally him.

Personally I find this particular quirk of Benedict Cumberbatch’s adorable, but it does make me giggle every time I hear his pronunciation of “penguin(s)”.

Apparently Stonehenge, according to very new archaeological evidence, probably stood at a site called Waun Mawn in Wales before, for some reason, the local people dismantled it and spent over a thousand years dragging it over a hundred miles away to its current location and re-erected it. Talk about dedication. O.o