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Vicar: “I, Jacob Hamilton Ballard…” Jake: “I, Jacob Hamilton Ballard…” Vicar: “Take the, Vanessa Moss…” Jake: “Take the, Olivia Carolyn Pope…” Everybody in church:

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If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to notgo through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.

If you see this on your dash, reblog it. You could save a life.



Batman v Superman Official Trailer

Looking good but still hate the idea of what’s his name as Lex…





Their dances are lowkey

Yo this just gave me so much life!

sebastianchris:Chris with a fan on the set of Gifted today. x


Chris with a fan on the set of Gifted today. x

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Jesus was a man of colour

Ohhh snap! :who is this??????

damn, i thought i was gonna get mad when i pressed play

I love when people check Fox News. It makes my day just better

Facts raining down like it’s monsoon season, damn

More Bars than anything Ive ever written

The gif

The Fox reporter literally can’t sit still, lmao!  She looks like she’s about to walk off air…


Aries is sleeping in an awkward position

Taurus fell asleep a long time ago, they’re the early birds

Gemini is wide awake doing something they don’t really need to be doing

Cancer is in the bed and can’t decide if they want the blanket on them or not

Leo is probably taking bedroom selfies

Virgo is trying to finish up something last minute while watching tv at the same time

Libra is tired as hell but can’t go to sleep

Scorpio is having a little late night pillow talk….on the phone

Sagittarius has about 2 hours of sleep in already

Capricorn is up knowing damn well they’re gonna be mad in the morning for staying up late

Aquarius is up browsing Netflix trying to find anything to watch

Pisces has massive amounts of drool on their pillow


Fitz has been obsessed with Olivia since season one like this is nothing new. how did you guys not realize he was obsessed with her like he literally had people following her with cameras and then when that wasn’t enough he put cameras in her home, he sent people to die in war for her, he almost killed himself because of her, and this is not even half of it. Olitz has never been romantic it’s never been cute it’s never been sweet it’s just been a guy obsessed with Olivia Pope and yall been shipping it

adventurecomics:Misty and Danny, forever adventurecomics:Misty and Danny, forever adventurecomics:Misty and Danny, forever adventurecomics:Misty and Danny, forever


Misty and Danny, forever

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nikisgroove:All Black Everything Paris


All Black Everything Paris

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Jake gives no fucks I love him soooooooo much yall.

omaha-lane-is-the-best-lane:Jack showing you some love L


Jack showing you some love


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“i’m fine :)” *makes passive little comments for a week*: VIRGO, libra

*gives you the cold shoulder to the point you get frostbite* *may or may not be also planning their revenge*: SCORPIO, capricorn

*uses their intuition to hit you where it hurts you most then cries about it when they’re alone*: CANCER, PISCES

*erupts into a volcano of pure fury* *is fine 0.5 seconds later*: SAGITTARIUS, leo, aries, gemini

*appears fine* *goes off over a tiny thing a week later*: taurus, aquarius

lolss #sagittarius

Pop off. #gemini

famousbwwmcouples:Robert Pattinson in a interview:They stick up for the women they respect and lfamousbwwmcouples:Robert Pattinson in a interview:They stick up for the women they respect and l


Robert Pattinson in a interview:

They stick up for the women they respect and love. They do not ignore it. It shouldn’t be ignored


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