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Formerly 6inchliftkit...Tumblr shut me down. Pics are my babe. I’m a guy. I’m not lucky, I’m good! Love to chat with hot ladies

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Had fun last night right in the middle of my babe’s pussy slit last night peeps! I❤️HumpDay…..blame me??

Getting ready to shower and stuff my hard cock in between my babe’s swollen pussy lips and pump a ginormous load of cum in her innards! My dick would cut glass right now❗️

Been away hunting since last Thursday. Got back in early this morning…..tonight I lick, feel, rub, sniff, finger, slap, and fill my babe’s pussy full of the cum I’ve saved up for her! I ❤️HumpDay❗️



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That’s my babe sucking me before I shot every drop of cum I had in me into her love hole!

My babe’s HumpDay pussy last night was spectacular! I ate her pussy for half an hour and got an awesome Dick sucking before blasting every last drop of my cum in her then watched it slowly leak out before calling it a day. I❤️HumpDay!

HumpDay❗️ Can’t wait to put my cock right in the middle of my babe’s pussy tonight….this pic explains why I ❤️ Wednesdays so much……Understand????


Have a great Tuesday evening….I know I am!


Have a great Tuesday evening….I know I am!

Have a great Tuesday evening….I know I am!

By the end of the first quarter of the Chiefs game my babe was running the spread offense! Way to go Chiefs!

My babe got a lil’ tipsy at the Christmas party last night so when we got home I bent her over and pounded her pussy….sorry, it happened so quick, these are the only pics I got. I’ll get a few more today. Chiefs play….we fuck! Go Chiefs!

Love watching the Christmas tree go up…..something else always goes up when she does it for some reason!

Little HumpDay fun last night…..She enjoyed it so much, she squirted right in my face❗️

Set these out for my babe on this chilly HumpDay evening. She’s about to get a mouthful of my cock and her pussy filled with my cum!….I❤️HumpDay!

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There’s some good titty under that Chiefs shirt!

Chiefs win and my babe throws her pussy all over me! Go Chiefs❗️

I’m going to start my Saturday morning with a lil’ scratch and sniff…..and taste for sure. More than likely I’ll check her oil with my dipstick too!

My babe is getting ready to do some laundry…guess what I’m getting ready to do on this fine Friday morning???