cuckoldcumlicker:And it’s been that way for several years… Hopefully from lots of other men


And it’s been that way for several years…

Hopefully from lots of other men

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I could never get enough of this!!!

showtheway2: Yes I have









Ruined cunt MILF


Very hot

Mega geil

Hoo yess

Daily Dream


I would worship and eat for days!!!

Don’t just say you’re going to do it, PROVE IT

Don’t just say you’re going to do it, PROVE IT

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“It’s just a girl’s night out,” she says as you watch her getting ready.

“Then why do you look so sexy?” you ask. Normally she doesn’t put so much effort into a night out with the girls.

She turns to you and smiles. “You think I look sexy?” she asks as she walks towards you and presses her lithe, half-naked body against yours.

“Yes,” you say before leaning in for a kiss. Your beautiful wife returns your affection by gently slipping her tongue into your mouth and pressing her body even tighter against yours.

She puts on a little black dress, gives you a quick kiss on the cheek, and heads out the door with a smile. Leaving you with a stiff cock always makes her happy.

She’s started to suspect that you wouldn’t object to the idea of her having fun with another guy. You can’t help but get a little excited when she mentions an ex-boyfriend or talks about one of her friends hooking up with a guy. You haven’t said anything yet, but sometimes a woman has a way of intuiting these sorts of things.

An hour after she left your phone buzzes. You pick it up to see a selfie and a message:

“There are so many hot guys here tonight! All the other girls are dancing and having fun. Would you mind if I just danced with a guy?”

Your heart begins to pound as you read her message. You look at the picture. You know guys are hitting on her. You know they’re buying her drinks and asking her to dance.

You also know you want her to dance with them. You want them to run their hands over her body. You want them to grind into her. You want them to get hard for her. Will you give in to your desire and actually give her permission?

“I wouldn’t mind. I want you to have fun,” you type.

She responds: “I promise I won’t be too naughty.”

You put the phone down and wait. Your mind fills with thoughts of your beautiful wife dancing with other men. She’s probably had a few drinks and is feeling a little more uninhibited than usual. You know she gets horny when she’s had a little alcohol, too.

Then your phone buzzes again. This time it’s just a picture.

It looks like she found someone to do a little more than dance with. It looks like she didn’t mind a friend taking a picture, either. She certainly didn’t mind sending the picture to her husband.

Jealousy is the first thing you feel. It’s brief and it’s not overpowering, but it’s there. Arousal is the second thing you feel and it’s far more powerful. You play with your cock through your pants and find it’s already hard. You wish she’d sent you a video. You can’t help it.

At the very least your wife is hooking up with someone else as you sit on your living room couch. Someone else’s fingers are likely in her pussy as she kisses him. He’s probably making her moan in pleasure. He might even make her cum.

You decide to hold off on masturbating. You want to wait until she gets home. You want to play with her instead of indulging in self satisfaction.

The sound of the front door opening wakes you up shortly after 3 a.m. Through bleary eyes you see your wife smiling at you. Neither of you says anything. She holds your gaze for another beat and then heads to the bedroom. You follow eagerly.

She’s still a little bit drunk and it’s doing a good job of hiding her nervousness. You’ve never actually come out and said you fantasize about her being with someone else. She took a chance tonight and she’s not sure how you’re going to react.

You rush towards your wife, take her in your arms, and kiss her like it’s your wedding night. You press your lips tightly against hers and work to get her out of that little black dress. It’s everything she hoped it would be.

You want to ask if she did more than make out with him in the club. It was hours between her last message and her arrival at home. What happened in that time?

You unzip the dress and let it fall to the floor. Then it occurs to you that the easiest way to find out if she fucked him is to check her panties. You step back, fall to your knees in front of her, and pull aside the fabric of her underwear.

That’s when you see it. It’s unmistakable. That’s another man’s cum leaking from your wife’s pussy. Not only did she fuck him, but she let him cum inside her. His seed is slowly dripping from her perfect cunt.

What do you do now, cuckold?

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I would give it a nice long savoring gentle lick.  I would then walk her over to the bed, I would lay down and gently pull her over to me and have her gently lower herself onto my face. I would kiss, lick and suck her beautiful freshly ravaged folds until she is begging for my throbbing cock to enter her. 



They’re gonna keep u up all night again…

So glad ur moms here

 and once they leave, that pussy is mine. I am going to suck you dry, and then I am going to refill you

 I will gladly suck his cum out of you cum soaked panties!!! 

 I will gladly suck his cum out of you cum soaked panties!!! 

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I never break a promise

I never break a promise

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Who’s next in line to fill me up with more cum?

 I need to eat a pussy dripping cum like this. I am really going through withdrawals.



Not only to him, but also to all your exes and all my friends


Ok my love, that’s the answer I wished for

You don’t know how long I have been wanting his cum flowing out of your freshly fucked pussy for me to lap up

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kinkykinkystuff: Mmmm yesNo!!! I’d become your husband


Mmmm yes

No!!! I’d become your husband

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I love it when she “forces” me

Several times.

Several times.

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My addiction. I will clean it from you and all your friends

My addiction. I will clean it from you and all your friends

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WIFE: “He tastes good in me doesn’t he baby?”

HUSBAND - “Yesssssss!”

WIFE- “How good?”

HUSBAND- “Better than anything I’ve ever tasted!”

WIFE- “Do you want me to keep coming home to you like this?”

HUSBAND- “Every possible time!”

WIFE- “Will you always taste me when I do?”


WIFE- “Do you want me to do this with different guys?”

HUSBAND- “God yesssssssss! Just promise me you will Always tell me and include me in your trysts. ALWAYS!”

WIFE- “I promise baby. I can’t believe I’m going to be your Hotwife! I love you so much!”

Sounds like our conversation!!